Bomboogie Extreme Supermotard race report


  Pichon (1), Everts (72) and Lazzarini (30) waiting for the start of the race

Today was the last day of the Bomboogie Extreme Supermotard. The 2 days of Supermoto racing at the Bologona Motorshow have finished. Benny Carlson (Ripit Aprilia) from the USA ruled the first day with a pole postion and a victory in the first race on Saturday. He finished almost 9 seconds in front of Eddy Seel (Suzuki) and Thomas Chareyre(Husqvarna).

On Sunday there where 2 races and a Qualification. Pichon(Honda) took the pole infront of Stefan Everts(KTM) and Adrien Chareyre(Husqvarna). But Everts was too strong for Pichon and beat him in the first race on Sunday with a small 2 second lead. 3rd was Adrien Chayere with Lazzarini following in 4th place.

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New Poll about for Sale section

I'm thinking about a for sale section on Supermoto Central where people can submit the Supermoto bikes or parts they have for sale. The reason for this idea is to make it easier to search for bikes/parts in other countries. Like in Europe the countries are quite close and postage costs not that expensive. But there is no place where Supermoto fans in the EU can advertise their parts/bikes to people in other countires. Except for the clumsy eBay ofcourse.

Let me know what you think about this idea! Vote in the poll on the right side of the page!

Bomboogie Xtreme Supermotard @ Motorshow Bologna



The Motorshow of Bologna is opened to the public from till 5 to 12 December.

The Motorshow is mainly about cars but they also have an outdoor area called the Motorsport Stadium.

On this weekend on the 13th and 14th December they are organizing the Bomboogie Xtreme Supermotard at the MotorSport Stadium. Whats so special about that you might think? This race exists since 1996 and is famous because there are always lots of famous Roadracing and MX stars riding in the race. You can see who won previous editions here. This year is no different, lots of big names are entering in the contest. Stefan Everts, Hiemer, Pichon, de Puniet and many more. Here are some of the riders riding the Bomboogie Xtreme Supermotard this weekend:

Stefan Everts
Mickael Pichon
Adrien Chareyre
Thomas Chareyre
Gerald Delepine
Bernd Hiemer
Ivan Lazzarini
David Gozzini
Randy de Puniet
Regis Laconi
Eddy Seel
and more

Keep an eye out at Supermoto Central for more news from this event.

Aprilia Supermoto Cup 2009


Aprilia will be organizing the 4th edition of the Aprilia Supermoto Cup next year. the 2009 edition of the class dedicated to the twin cilinder Aprilia SXV. The Aprilia Supermoto Cup proved to be a big succes considering the high number of entrants in the last couple of years.The Cup has been run in several countries like Italy, the UK, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany.

The Cup features two classes for the Aprilia SXV 4,5 to SXV 5,5 the Series (standard engines) and the Open (for tuned engines) classes. If you become champion of one of these two classes you will win an Aprilia SXV.

The most important news about the 2009 edition is the addition of a 125 class in the Italian Aprilia Cup, featuring the two stroke Aprilia SX125. A new category created to allow more young people to enjoy the Supermoto sport. There will be 5 races, all one street circuits. The official calendar will be released soon.

No HMC KTM team in the 2009 AMA Supermoto season



Roadracerx had a little talk with HMC KTM team owner Mitch Hansen. During Mitch Hansen’s six-year tenure as the HMC Red Bull KTM Supermoto team owner, his riders have brought home two AMA Supermoto titles—the most recent coming with the 2008 Premier Title by Australian Troy Herfoss. But with economics dictating a KTM farewell to the American Supermoto racing next year, Mitch and HMC will likewise leave that series in favor of continuing to partner with KTM for the ’09 iteration of the Red Bull AMA U.S. Rookies Cup… while dreaming of a potential, eventual move to American Superbike racing in the meantime.

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AMA/XTRM Supermoto Championship season review DVD


The AMA/XTRM Supermoto Championship season review DVD is being offered for the very first time in the series’ six-year history. It covers all six USA pro rounds along with behind-the-scenes interviews with many of the competitors including all three class champions, and find out what makes supermoto unique and attractive from heroes Carey Hart, Nicky Hayden and Doug Henry. Even jump into the team transporters to see how the riders and team personnel prepare for battle. Find out the technology behind the sport through “Tech Talk” segments such as the reasoning behind using slipper clutches.

USA customers can pre-order the DVD for a discounted price of $19.95 with free shipping. International customers can also pre-order the DVD for 19.95 US Dollars plus $20 shipping. Currently the DVD is in the NTSC format. If the producers receive enough European inquiries, they will produce the European-specific video format. Visit

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