New Gas Gas team testing in Spain


The brand that begins its new adventure in the Spanish Supermoto Championship, Gas Gas, had its first training yesterday with its three pilots and members of the SRS-FullFactory team from Madrid.

Xavi Rodriguez, accompanied by Pol Laspuertas and Borja Serna, finished a full day of testing at the circuit of Multipistes Sils, a circuit very close to the Gas Gas factory. Spanish Supermoto website TR Media was also there and they shot a video of the test. You can also view a photo gallery of the test here

Site update: New Comment system


As you can see there is a new comment system on Supermoto Central. This is the first step in devoloping Supermoto Central more into a Supermoto Community. The second step is the Supermoto Central Ads system. We are working on a system that allows you to post your own advertisements. For example if you want to sell your Supermoto bike, parts or gear you can post an advertisement on Supermoto Central in a couple of clicks. This is a lot easier than the expensive and clumsy ebay! And the best news is that it will be 100% free! Doesn't that sound great?

Please don't hesitate to post as many comments as you want, but keep it civil please.

There are also new links in the links section and 50 new pics in the Photo Gallery.

New Partner: Suter Racing


Supermoto Central is proud to announce a new partner: Suter Racing. Suter Racing Technology AG (SRT) – a Swiss High-Tech Company – develops parts and solutions for international racing teams. In close collaboration with GP-, Superbike-, MX-, and Supermoto Teams SRT have emerged with worldwide marketed clutch systems, race engines and complete chassis solutions for international leading manufacturers. From within the state of the art infrastructure at Suter Racing, from the first design through to testing on the in-house test benches, engines and customer specified solutions are produced.


 Some japanese and italian supersport machines ex-factory already have a slipper clutch integrated. However there are substantial differences between such a clutch and a SuterClutch. The new Suter clutch technology is one step ahead of competitors thanks to a new and revolutionary mechanism which is clearly confirmed by better lap times and greater road safety.

This successful slipper clutch has its roots back in the year 1996 when Suter Racing began the development of a novel slipper clutch for bikes in the MotoGP world championship. This clutch system brought a vast technical lead over other existing slipper clutches. Riders could initiate the braking a lot later and lean into turns faster and more precise.

Since then this slipper clutch has been constantly further developed, the weight & friction has been reduced, it became stronger and even faster to install. Many private and well-known factory teams use the SRT clutch system to their complete satisfaction. A SuterClutch customer can be sure to combine long-lasting experience with the newest technology available.

The famous Suter Supermoto Swingarm, from Suter Racing and Dev-Tech developed, can directly be bought via their Online Shop. This great swingarm is used worldwide successfully by all KTM works teams in Supermoto racing. Also private riders and teams benefit from this outstanding swingarm. The swingarm is currently available for KTM Supermoto models, the Supermoto Husaberg FE and all the big Japanese brands. This swingarm by Suter Racing is the only swingarm designed specifically for Supermoto. It is a combination of solid billet machined parts and aircraft grade aluminum panels, resulting in improved tortional, lateral and yaw strength. This improves handling and helps eliminate chattering. The increased width of 200mm allows more than enough space for the widest tires available. A unique ride height adjuster and a wide adjustability range on the rear axle eases set-up changes.

Check out all the Suter Racing products at their website

If you are interested in promoting your company on Supermoto Central please visit our advertising page

A little History lesson

This is pretty much what started it all... High Quality version here Also watch Part 1 and Part 2
In part 3 (above) you can see AMA Supermoto champion Jeff Ward battling it out with Wayne Rainey and Eddie Lawson. They also explain how a Superbiker bike is build.

2 new Supermoto series in the US


Great news from the amateur Supermoto scene in the US, while the pro AMA Supermoto series is having some problems the small clubs are doing great. The new schedules for the 2009 season are popping up for the various series and they look really good. The amateur scene in the US is pretty healthy.

For example Colorado has a new Supermoto series called: the Supermoto5280 Series. 5280 stands for 5280ft elevation (1 mile high) which is the elevation of the city Denver. They are organizing 10 rounds at various tracks in Colorado. More info can be found at the special Supermoto5280 section at SupermotoJunkie

Florida also has a new Supermoto series: the Florida Supermoto Series. They are organizing 8 races this year. Their schedule can be found at our Racing section or on their website. The first race is during Daytona bike week and it is at the Starke track in Florida on March 7th. So if you fancy a race in the south go check out the info about this race here

Sylvain Bidart switches to Luc1 Honda


Sylvain Bidart last year at the X Games
Another Frenchman switches sides to Honda. This time it is French S1 Champion Sylvain Bidart who will be leaving the Husqvarna Cross2R team to ride for the French Luc1 Honda team in 2009. Sylvain will be competing in the S1 class on a CRF450R in 2009. His teammates are S2 rider Guillaume Flandin and S3 rider Thomas Verscheure.

Back in the day...

This a video from I think 2006, the riders in the video are Jeremy McGrath, Ronnie Renner, Josh Hansen, Darryl Atkins and some others. View the widescreen version

Boris Chambon on a Honda in 2009


 Boris Chambon will be changing the blue TM for a red Honda in 2009

Boris Chambon will be riding a Honda CRF450R in the S1 class of the French Supermoto Championship in the 2009 season. It is unknown if he will enter in the World Supermoto Championship. More information isn't available yet. This news comes from his official website

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