UEM releases details of the new Hypermoto class

Youthstream is proud to announce the birth of the eagerly awaited HyperMoto class of the UEM European SuperMoto Championship, the highly competitive series following the whole World Championship and promoted by Youthstream. 

Being strictly connected to the evolution of the motorcycle market, the new HyperMoto series matches the growing interest in SuperMoto which has been confirmed in the recent years by the solid selling figures of the big bore machinery. With thousands of European customers owning such machinery, the HyperMoto class of the UEM Championship will give them the chance to take on the challenge of racing on the best European tracks and under the best possible organization. After the many dedicated trophies carried out in the recent years, now the customers can take their racing experience to the next level by entering the UEM HyperMoto European Championship.

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Pimp your KTM and win 1000 euro


Send your customized KTM with a photo and a short description to KTM ´s Power Parts team - and win a Parts Voucher of 1.000 EUR including the presentation of your bike to the global KTM community. The contest is up to everyone - you just have to use a KTM motorcycle.

The competition runs until end of March, 2009. The winners are informed until end of April, 2009 and invited to meet the national KTM team for a personal interview and photo shooting.

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Indoor Supermoto Zwolle Superfinal Video

Here's a video of the International Superfinal on Sunday. At first you see Latvian rider KTM rider Miks Peleckis (181) taking the lead in the beginning followed by Jan Winter (11) on his 09 CRF. Soon Marcel van Drunen(1) is coming up from the back recovering from getting stuck at a pileup after the start. Van Drunen chases Peleckis for a couple of laps and then tries to overtake. But he hits Peleckis and goes to the floor. He recovers fast and get back into the race in 5th place. Peleckis crashes 10 seconds after van Drunen and has trouble starting his KTM. Caprani(72) then takes the lead from Jan Winters. 3rd is Ruurd van Rozendaal(99) followed my Marcel van Drunen.
Van Drunen then overtakes Winters and van Rozendaal. Caprani is his next target. After a couple of laps he also overtakes Caprani. It stays exciting for a while between Caprani and van Drunen. But Caprani starts making mistakes near the end of the race and van Drunen crosses the finish line with a 3 second lead. Stampeart Nicolas takes 3rd place in front of van Rozendaal and Winter.

Indoor Supermoto Zwolle Report


The Indoor Supermoto in Zwolle this weekend was a huge success, with 40 Supermoto riders from the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium , Latvia and Danmark the starting line was pretty packed. Also the grand stands where so full people where forced to stand in other places to view the races. There where 2 classes, the International class featuring riders like S3 Champion Oliver Pope, 4 times Dutch Champion Marcel van Drunen and Danish Champion Mikkel Caprani. The other class was the National class which only had riders from the Netherlands and also British rider Richard Blakeman. There where 2 races on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. The guys that where the fastest all weekend battled it out in the Supermoto Final on Sunday. The winner of the Superfinal wins 750 euro, 2nd 500euro 3rd 250. 

The International class was dominated all weekend by Marcel van Drunen. He won all 4 races including the Superfinal. His speed was amazing, the supercross style track suited the ex European MX champion pretty well. van Drunen blazed through the whoop sections like there was no tomorrow, some riders looked like they where standing still when van Drunen flew by. The only one who could keep up a bit was Danish Champion Mikkel Caprani. After Caprini it was Belgian rider Stampeart Nicolas who tried to gave chase but he didn't came very close to Van Drunen and Caprani all weekend. But he was consistent and scored three 3rd places on Sunday.

In the National class it was Richard Blakeman who took the B final on Sunday followed closely by Dutch Champion in the National class Alexander de Haan. The two Jan's, Jan Rekers and Jan Winters where also in great form this weekend getting 1st and 2nd place in the A final.

All in all it was a great weekend with a lots of exciting racing(and a lot of crashes). The track was a bit too technical for some riders with less mx experience, especially the whoop sections where brutal. But everybody had lots of fun and the atmoshpere of the event was really good. Lots of racing, crashes, beer and beautiful women. Since the event was such a huge succes the organisation is preparing to go even bigger and better next year. 

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New KTM peg sliders from SupermotoDaz

The sliders are made from 12mm thick acetyl which has been machined for a perfect fit. Its secured in place with a stainless steel plate and m6 dome headed bolt and nyloc nut which will be provided. SupermotoDaz tried the KTM hardparts and UFO sliders and they are pretty confident these are more durable and will outlast both! They fit all KTMs with the the following part numbers for footpegs 59003040350 (left) & 59003041250 which is most KTMs from 125CC upwards from 2004 onwards but please check your manual or the online microfiche 1st. So far I know they’ll fit the following: EXC, SX, SMR,SXF, SXS 660, 640, 625, 950SM, 950 SMR, 690 SMC.
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AMA Supermoto 2009 Schedule released

21-22 March Fontana, Ca Auto Club Speedway
25-26 April Las Vegas, NV South Point Casino
16-17 May Sonoma, Ca Infineon Raceway
1 August Los Angeles, Ca Summer X-Games 14
6 September Tooele, Ut Miller Motorsports
19-20 September Mammoth Lakes, Ca Championship Finale

YZ250F Onboard video

Found this onboard video from one of the Supermoto Central Youtube channel subscribers KPM172 riding his Yamaha YZ250F on the circuit du Rouissillon in France. First corner didn't go as planned but the rest of the movie is pretty cool.

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