New Partner: Alice Racing


Supermoto Central is proud to announce a new partner: Alice Racing. Alice Racing is a company from the UK that specializes iin developing, preparing and racing the Aprilia SXV and KTM SMR models.

They provide race parts and services they have tested themselves under race conditions and have supplied to customers from the back of the National grid to the front of the British Supermoto Championship, and other race teams worldwide.

Parts can be by ordered via their website or Alice Racing EBay shop, and can obviously be shipped worldwide.

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PMR H20 Aprilia presents 2009 team

The Siena based PMR H2O Aprilia Team has finalized the plans for the 2009 season as the strong line up will include Italians Marco Dondi and Luca Minutilli.

Team Manager Fabio Logi strongly supported Minutilli in the last three years and was delighted with the Italian’s choice of remaining in the squad also in 2009. Veteran Minutilli, who finished a brilliant fifth in last year’s S2 World Championship leading also his first ever 13 laps in Torino, will be once again racing the S2 class.

On the other hand youngster Marco Dondi will be back to the twin cylinder Aprilia after a difficult Kawasaki move in 2008. Dondi looks forward to another season where he aims at top 10 results making up for last year’s 16th in the S1 World series.

The opening GP of the SuperMoto Championship will take place in Viterbo, Italy, on April 19.

Mark Burkhart weighing options for 2009 supermoto season


Mark Burkhart the 2008 Moto X World Supermoto Champion, 2007 X-Games Supermoto Gold winner, and 2007 AMA Supermoto Champion is weighing his options for the upcoming supermoto season. At this point he does not have any firm plans in place. He is currently exploring the possibility of forming his own supermoto race team to compete in the X Games, the Proximus Superbiker event in Belgium and the AMA Supermoto Series.

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Supermoto Central Marketplace goes live!

The Supermoto Central Marketplace is online!

The brand new Supermoto Central Marketplace, the place to be to shop for your new or 2nd hand Supermoto bikes, parts or gear. You can post advertisements for just about anything you sell as long as it is related with Supermoto. You can put your cars and sportbikes on eBay or somewhere else.

Posting ads is 100% free and only requires you to make an account so people can contact you about the items you advertised. This account also makes it possible to change your advertisements or delete them. 

The goal of this system is to give the people a chance to sell their items to the whole world and improve the worldwide Supermoto parts trade.

The Supermoto Central Marketplace can always be accessed trough the Marketplace button on the navigation bar at the top of the page.

BTW Some Internet Explorer users might had some layout issues with the site the last two days. This is fixed now. If you use Internet Explorer I advise you to switch to Firefox. Why? Because its 10 times better.

Special Supermoto clothing gets legalized in Europe


The special Supermoto suits are getting more and more popular. What is a Supermoto suit you might ask? It's a suit that consists of a leather armor top with integrated backprotector, jersey for over the armor and special leather pants. The suit extends into the pants for about 15cm.The advantages of these suits are that they are cheaper than leather suits, allow more movement of the rider, they are lighter than leather suits, they are easier to keep clean and easier to take on and off.

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Winstanley joins Motosupplies Husqvarna

2008 British S1 champion Matthew Winstanley will be riding the Motosupplies Racing Husqvarna this year. Winstanley has been riding for Robinsons KTM last year but because the Robinsons shop is closing down, he was without a ride for this year. But fortunately the British Motosupplies Racing team has signed him for the 2009 season. He will be defending his British S1 title and will be competing in the S1 class in the World Championship on a Husqvarna SM450RR.

L-R-G turns Suzuki Gladius into supermoto

Brought to you by the same people as the L-R-G Hayabusa (which I think is hideous), this Suzuki Gladius gets a similar winterfresh paint scheme, but a very different style of tuning. Where that Busa was the ultimate expression of the established street-tuning style, this Gladius actually manages to achieve something new, pointing the way for a possible future spin-off model direct from Suzuki. What's impressive here is how few modifications were required to turn the Gladius into a supermoto.

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