How about a small introduction of yourself to the readers of Supermoto Central?

After having my first BMX bicycle, I started having interest in dirt bikes (and Honda !) when my brother bought a new Honda MT50 in the very early ’80’s, a few years later followed by a XR350R ’85. That’s when I earned the MT and started to modify it to go ride off-road together with the brother and his XR… In the early ’90 I bought my first own XR, a XR600R from ’90. XR’ s and other Honda mono’s are my passion. Just type “XRMANU” in Google and look… In 2011 this passion led me to start up my own small work shop (, specialized  in building one-off’s, rebuilding and tuning engines… after almost 20 years of doing this as a hobby.

How did you get into supermoto and what do you find so great about it?

I fell in love with supermoto when I went to the Mettet Superbiker for the first time in the early 90’s, been there like 25 times now... almost every year since. Seeing this, I turned my first XR in a supermoto ,that was the year 1992. In ’94 ,I bought a new XR600 and installed a HRC kit on it. Following by a new one in ‘97 that I turned in a full blown 660cc with custom parts. Did all the work myself. I wasn’t a schooled mechanic then...That bike was much faster than a stock XR650R.

Between 1990 and 2000 I eat sleep and live on my bikes, combining enduro riding and supermoto with the same bike.

Nothing more pleasant than sliding to the corners on high speed and wheelie out of them on a powerful dirt bike on 17 inches and sticky tires…

When and how did the idea for this project originated? What’s was the base for your project?

I bought this XR650R in 2001 and after a few years I wanted to upgrade the look ,frame and engine of my bike further, giving it the sleeker CRF look.

This is the essence of supermoto: take a dirt bike and convert it in something unique, self-made, one-of-a-kind… not something that you can get ready made in the showroom!

It’s not what you buy ,it’s what you build. Be creative.

Can you tell us in short how the build went? Did you have any big problems or did it all went smooth?

Putting the CRF parts on the big XR isn’t a plug and play thing…. especially if  you want it done well and professionally. Like the bike rolled out of the factory like this. I had to design a few custom parts on the computer.  And a lot of “trial and error”… The 680 engine was built  in-house ,combining the experience I had from earlier projects over the years.

What do you use your bike for? Do you ride it on the street or just take it to the track once in a while?

Since it was made like this (in 2009) ,I have done a few trackdays but I ride it more on the road …and off-road. It should be there much more… if I had the time.

Is this your first supermoto project or did you also build other supermoto bikes? Do you have any plans for another supermoto project in the future?

It was not my first and not my last….I started converting bikes in 1992 and still doing it ,professionally now (part time job).

Have you got any tips or advice for people that want to start a project like this?

Search for a good base to start when you want to build a supermoto, check the heart (engine) first ,make this good and reliable.. if you are going to use it like it should ,you will need this ! Don’t go for cheap and cheesy… keep it safe (brakes etc). Don’t spend your money on funky graphics or a colored chain first but on decent brakes, suspension and tires… but focus on the engine first!

A money pit it will be.

Honda XR680RR 2Motors

Specs and mods:
-Base: Honda XR650R model 2000
- Falicon rod Xr's only HD bearing
- 680cc cylinder: nicasil plated by Luyten (
- Modified 102.4mm Wiseco piston 11.5/1 compression
- Hotcams stage 2
- Ported and polished head,matched intake
- Knibblewhite valves: intake 1mm oversize,exhaust standard size
- Advantage performance Flex Jet fuel screw
- Light flywheel
- Keihin FCR41 bored to 43mm by
- Advantage performance flywheel
- Hi rev CDI
- Modded Twin Air filter with home designed frame
- Airbox mod

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