After launching the Dab Design LM#1 Simon Dabadie from Dab Design has been working hard on the next versions of his limited edition series of 10 Dab Design bikes.

The Dab Design bikes use the frame and engine of the Honda Dominator NX650 as a base.

All bikes are build to the specifications of the customer. His latest customer appears to have extremely good taste.

This time, Dab Design teamed up with Bud Racing (famous öhlins specialist) for the suspension. The bike also has a complete Beringer brake and clutch system.

Together with the gold Excel wheels the result is amazing. The LM#3 also has the signature Dab Design front number plate with integrated LED lighting system.

Dab Design had the honor to be invited at The Bike Shed London in May to present the LM#3 to the public, only 100 international builders were invited to exhibit.

We are looking forward to see the next LM version in the future. Check out his previous LM#1 Supermoto build here

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