New Supermoto Central partner: VROOAM Lubricants

Supermoto Central is happy to announce a new partnership with VROOAM. VROOAM is a young brand from the Netherlands which offers a wide range of oils and lubricants for your motorcycle.

Since 2013 they are the official oil supplier for TM Racing, you may have seen the VROOAM logo on the TM Racing Supermoto factory bikes and on the suits of riders like Thomas Chareyre and Thierry van den Bosch.

Check out the full range of VROOAM products on their website:

Also check out some of the cool Supermoto wallpapers they have in the goodies section.

The end for HM Moto?

As a result of the European reorganization of Honda, the Japanese brand ends the importer contract for MX/Offroad models with HM Moto in Italy. HM Moto has been the importer for the Honda MX/Offroad model line for over 25 years.

In the future Honda will use their own organisation called Red Moto.

HM Moto is not only the importer of Honda MX/Offroad models in Italy, but also an important partner in developing these models. HM Moto also sells their 'own' models under the brand name HM, including the popular street-legal CRF450/500 Supermoto models.

Hopefully this is not the end of the street legal Honda CRF Supermoto's in Europe.

Pitsterpro Malaysia launches new LX450 Supermoto

Pitserpro is well known for their Pitbikes. In Malaysia they are expanding into the big bike market. Pitserpro Malaysia just launched the new street legal Pitsterpro LX450.

The LX450 has an aluminium frame and 47mm USD front suspension. The complete bikes weighs 120kg

The engine is a 449cc four-stroke, liquid-cooled, single cylinder which puts out 43.5hp at 7500rpm.

The LX450 is assembled in Malaysia(and only available there) and will cost RM20,900 (€4800/$6300). It's only available in black.

Click read more for the full specs.

Read more: Pitsterpro Malaysia launches new LX450 Supermoto

Campaign to upgrade the DR-Z 400

The Suzuki DR-Z 400 is one of the most popular and best selling Supermoto's. It's reliable and fairly cheap. But it's seriously outdated now. The bike has been the same for 12 years now except for some color changes.

DR-Z SM rider Park Pitman wants this to change. He wants Suzuki to give the people a new DR-Z.

Go like the Upgrade the Drz400sm Already Facebook page and support his cause!

Goldentyre quits support for Supermoto racing

Goldentyre riders in the World and European Championship have been struggling with their tyres at the start of the season. Now it seems that they will need to search for a different tyre supplier because Goldentyre just announced that they will no longer provide service at the World, European and Italian Supermoto Championships:

“In the light of recent events, we at Goldentyre have decided to take time off for an immediate, irrevocable and momentary pause for reflection with regards to providing team service and assistance at the SM European and Italian World Championships. Having received no support from any company or organization to  warrant our presence there, and in consideration of the fact that further cost increases are foreseen, it is no longer a viable or sustainable option under current global economic conditions.

We shall continue to develop our products matching performance both to durability and top level racing. Goldentyre’s attention will immediately and smoothly shift its focus to those markets, at home, in Europe and overseas, that are currently on the rise and, in line with company policy, increasingly receptive to our products.”

Source: Supermotoaustralia

What will happen with Husqvarna in the Future?

There hasn't been a lot of news about the acquisition of Husqvarna by Pierer industries. But now there is. And it's not good.

Asphaltandrubber reports that Pierer Industries announced that the Husqvarna factory in Varese will be closed down until further notice. All 211 factory workers are being let go, only the marketing and sales departments are staying.

It appears that Husqvarna already has a big supply of bikes build for 2013. Maybe a bit too many if you think about the declining sales in the offroad sector.

Seems like BMW has left the company in worse shape than Pierer expected.

Pierer himself stated in an interview with Cycleworld that he wants Husqvarna to concentrate on new models for the coming years. A completely new range of bikes is being expected. A new 450/250 MX/Enduro bike and a new range of 125/250/300 two strokes.

He specificly mentions a return to Supermoto for Husqvarna including a big bore 650cc-690cc bike for the streets.

Sounds like a great plan to me, I hope Pierer knows what he is doing.

Should Aprilia build a new street Supermoto?

At the first GP of the 2013 season at Capua team Fast Wheels Aprilia will present the new MXV 450 replica Chareyre.

A limited edition bike that will be available in two models. Great news that Aprilia is releasing a new customer race bike. But we think they should build street Supermoto's too.

The Aprilia SXV is one of the most iconic Supermoto bikes of all time. Sadly it is not in production anymore.

We think there are a lot of people that are interested a new redesigned Aprilia 450/550 Supermoto. Maybe based on the MXV 450 race bike?

Go vote in the poll or you can vote on the right side of the page and maybe we can convince Aprilia to build us a new Supermoto!

You can also join the discussion on

Stefan Pierer wants to bring Husqvarna back to its roots has had a phone interview with the new owner of Husqvarna Motorcycles Stefan Pierer. They talk about the reason why Pierer has bought Husqvarna and what his plans are for the brand.

This part was esspecially interesting for us Supermoto riders:

"We will work with Husqvarna to return to its origins. We therefore will soon be back in motocross and then in supermoto, both sports in which Husqvarna has previously been dominant. Within the next year will make a appropriate motorcycle developed with the specifications and character that fits with Husqvarna."

Check out the complete interview at (Google translated)

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