Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Aero has presented their E-Racer model to the public at the EICMA motorshow in Milan. Aero is a new company which works together with fellow electric motorcycle manufacturer Tacita and several other Italian companies. The E-Racer will be available in two versions. 

The Tender Line is specifically designed for marine use and the full carbon Dark Side Line for "urban thrill seekers" as Aero states on their website.

Thanks to the IP68 water resistance specifications, the Aero Tender Line is suitable for use on yachts. The Tender line is delivered with a single lifting point strap and 4 hooks to easily load the bike on a boat. It is designed to travel from the port to the city and to the local yacht club.

The Dark Side E-Racer is a more urban version with carbonfiber fairing and alcantara seat. All E-Racers are produced according to customer specifications. Leather, paint, suspension and height are all customizable.

The E-Racer has a liquid cooled 55kw electric engine that produces 75hp and 120nm torque. All this torque is transferred through a 5 speed gearbox with hydraulic clutch. The top speed of the E-Racer is 177 km/h(110 Mph). Most of the time electric motorcycles are on the heavy side but this one only weighs around 160kg(350 lbs).

It can be fully charged in 35 minutes using a public fast charger or in 1,5 hours at home using the built-in 3kw charger. Range is around 80 km(50 miles) when riding fast. 

Aero also developed a special app so you can use your phone as a dashboard. The ECU sends the consumption data, charge level and maps settings to your phone via bluetooth. Speed is indicated by using the integrated GPS.

The phone itself acts as a biometric key, the fingerprint recognition activates the ignition procedure.

Pricing is not available yet. For more info check out the Aero website at

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