Husqvarna Press Release:

Now, with 111 years of heritage in both street and offroad motorcycling, Husqvarna Motorcycles makes its return to the street segment with a new large displacement single-cylinder model, the 701 SUPERMOTO . This renewed enthusiasm for street bikes fulfils Husqvarna’s brand promise and expands its model range.

The 701 leads the competition in terms of power, weight, technology and performance. These premium characteristics are highlighted by modern colours, graphics and clean bodywork – maintaining the Swedish tendency towards functional design. True Husqvarna, faithful to the brand’s core values. Premium motorcycles with state-of-the-art technology and a rich sense of heritage.

Years of supermoto tradition combined with the finest craftsmanship and unparalleled single cylinder performance are embodied in the all new 701 SUPERMOTO .

The highest quality components and uncompromising engineering provide outstanding levels of agility and handling, combined with the latest engine management electronics for razor-sharp throttle response and control. With an overall dry weight of less than 145kg, the 67hp engine propels riders from one corner to the next without hesitation.

Thanks to the ride-by-wire throttle and switchable engine maps, riders can accurately feed power to the rear wheel and feel confident that when the next corner rapidly approaches, they can rely on the latest supermoto ABS and APTC slipper clutch to safely and heroically drift the rear end all the way to the apex.

Extensively tested and proven parts and accessories that are designed to the highest standards in terms of performance, reliability and quality are available in the Husky Power range of products. Hundreds of hours of development guarantee that every part is perfectly matched to the 701 SUPERMOTO , allowing riders to further personalise their bike in looks, set-up and performance

The 701 SUPERMOTO ’s innovative bodywork features a long seat that reaches over the radiator shrouds, with functional ribbing to improve grip in all conditions. The in-mould graphics on the rear subframe protect the integrated fuel tank and also give the rear an elegant look. Tightly wrapped around the engine and frame, the 701 bodywork is ergonomically designed to connect the rider’s body to the bike, for a perfect fit of man and machine, allowing for total control in all riding situations.

➤ Slim bodywork perfect movement and ergonomics for all rider sizes

➤ Functional design carefully engineered ergonomics for maximum control


The single overhead cam, liquid cooled, single cylinder engine features the latest technology in terms of design and electronics. Maximum power output of 49kW (67hp) at 7,500rpm and torque of 68Nm at 6,000rpm are outstanding figures that leave riders in no doubt of the performance potential of this single cylinder masterpiece. The extremely lightweight engine weighs only 43.4kg without oil but including all components such as electric start, throttle body and clutch and coolant lines. Reliability, durability and efficiency are guaranteed by technical solutions such as active crankcase evacuation and forced lubrication which reduce oil friction and pump losses, and contribute to the long 10,000km service intervals and extremely low fuel consumption; in-turn lowering the cost of ownership of this class-leading single cylinder power plant.

➤ Advanced technical solutions high power-low weight; 67hp and only 43.4kg

➤ Long service intervals and low fuel consumption low cost of ownership

➤ Cutting edge ride-by-wire electronics class-leading single cylinder technology and performance

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