Goldentyre riders in the World and European Championship have been struggling with their tyres at the start of the season. Now it seems that they will need to search for a different tyre supplier because Goldentyre just announced that they will no longer provide service at the World, European and Italian Supermoto Championships:

“In the light of recent events, we at Goldentyre have decided to take time off for an immediate, irrevocable and momentary pause for reflection with regards to providing team service and assistance at the SM European and Italian World Championships. Having received no support from any company or organization to  warrant our presence there, and in consideration of the fact that further cost increases are foreseen, it is no longer a viable or sustainable option under current global economic conditions.

We shall continue to develop our products matching performance both to durability and top level racing. Goldentyre’s attention will immediately and smoothly shift its focus to those markets, at home, in Europe and overseas, that are currently on the rise and, in line with company policy, increasingly receptive to our products.”

Source: Supermotoaustralia

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