S1EC 2018 || ROUND 2 of COM. VALENCIANA, Albaida - 13mn magazine

With the sun out and some light clouds in the region of Valencia, Albaida was ready for the race day of the second round of the Supermoto European Championship. Spectators already found their way early to the track to enjoy the action of the track. With the big jumps in the off-road section and the great overview from the grandstands the crowd loved every minute of the event. In the S1 class it was TM Factory Racing rider Thomas Chareyre who took his second victory of the season, while in the Lites category the victory went to Phoenix Racing rider Elia Sammartin.

S1EC 2018 || Round 1 Ottobiano

With the sun out and some light clouds in the region of Pavia, Sunday race day in Ottobiano started promising. The large number of riders and the great overview on the grandstand at Ottobiano Motorsport attracted already a big number of spectators towards the track. With the circuit perfectly prepared the riders couldn’t wait to start the first round of the 2018 Supermoto European Season.

The PERFECT Motorcycle Roadtrip! [Italy Dolomites]

Last summer VDB, DK and Crashking went on an epic adventure, the roadtrip in the Dolomites, Italy. They went to see the perfect roads, hit the track and did awesome stuff like offroad karting and canyoning!

Insane Supermoto riding with Kikaninac & Cafeine Crew

Last year the Supermofools met up with Kikaninac & Cafeine Crew in the Voguettes, France. And they did some INSANE supermoto riding in the mountains. Sliding around the corners and having fun with the supermoto boys!

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