TM Racing launches 2012 model range

TM Racing has released their model range for 2012. New in the range is a very nice looking "White Dream" Supermoto model which is available in 250/450 or 530cc.

New for 2012 are some minor revisions to engine specifics on the 4 stroke SMR range, including con-rods, pistons, timing and fuelling, there are also some modifications to exhaust systems as well as new headlight assemblies and speedometer units. Also new 2012 graphics on the bodywork.

Click read more for full details on the changes. TM Racing also finally upgraded their website which you can visit here

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Benelli launches new 250 Supermoto

Benelli launched their motorcycle range for 2012 at the EICMA in Milan. The first new product is the Motard 250 developed by Benelli QJ for the worlds emerging markets, but released in Italy with the clear objective of attracting a younger set of buyers to motorcycling in a critical moment where cost-awareness is at its maximum. Details about this bike will follow.

Check out some more real life pics of the new 250 Motard here

KTM presents 2012 SMR 450

KTM released new pics and info about the new 2012 KTM SMR 450 which is being launched at the EICMA in Milan this week.

The SMR has been completely redesigned for the 2012 model year. A new chassis with high-quality WP suspension components and Magura brakes plus the renowned powerhouse of the 450 SX-F engine. Glad to see KTM still puts effort in manufacturing a "thoroughbred racing machine".

Check out more details and pics at the KTM website

New MVD Racewear importer for South America

MVD Racewear is proud to announce a new importer for Mexico, Colombia and Argentina. Motorsports Tuareg is the new importer for these three countries.

After a visit of Omar Isaak(4x Mexican Supermoto Champion) to the Superbiker Mettet race last week, MVD Racewear closed a deal with Omar to get the brand on the map in South America.

Omar tested the MVD Racewear gear for the first time in Mettet and was very enthousiastic about the light weight and flexibility of the gear. He think many riders in South America will be very interested in the gear MVD Racewear has to offer.

Husqvarna Concept E-go

Press release:

Husqvarna Concept E-go was presented today at the Frankfurt IAA . Extreme, light, streamlined. This is Husqvarna's approach to today's electric motorcycling world. Urban commuting for first-time bikers who can have all the attractive features that a Husqvarna machine boasts: an explosive mix of road, off-road and supermotard experiences.

Only 80 kg of pure exhilaration, with an innovative design inspired and derived from the latest Husqvarna models, with features such as the striking side panels that makes this bike clearly a member of the Husqvarna family.The Concept E-go is Husqvarna's solution to electric motorcycling and how to enthuse the young generation to the spirit of riding and freedom. Change is inevitable, and Husqvarna is ready, with an advanced technological concept and a highly personal design.

Check out more photos of the concept here

2012 KTM SMR 450

The new 2012 KTM SMR 450 is based on the 450 SX-F 2012 featuring the same frame and swing arm.
Main differences to the SX-F:
-Magura radial caliper, 310 mm floatingdisc
-5.00-17“, 3.5-16.5“ wheels
-Dunlop 170/55R17, 125/80R420 tyres
-Supermoto suspension
-SMR CNC machined tripleclamps, 14/16mm off-set
-Handlebar with SM bend
-SMR front fender
-SMR 5-speed transmission
-APTC slipperclutch 
Price: +/- €9000

Husqvarna launches their new Nuda 900 streetbike

Husqvarna has released new photos and specs of their new 900cc twin street bike. The Nuda 900 features a 100+ hp/ 100+ nm parallel twin with a weight below 175kg. It has some pretty tasty parts like an Ohlins rear shock, Sachs front suspension and dual Brembo monoblocks. Check out more pics and info about the new Nuda 900 here

Double Doma system for Husqvarna SMR at Bergos

BERGOS has a nice new dual Slip On Silencer set for the 2009/10 Husqvarna SMR 450. This double DOMA Double Slip On, is exclusive by BERGOS. They can fit it on every Husqvarna SMR 450 and 510 with the standart Double Exhaust.

The bike must be at Bergos to fit it, cause the second header must be changed and welded and they must make two adapters for the Silencers. And they will adjust the EFI mapping. The silencers make only 91db at 4500rpm and they are a lot more powerful than the originals.

The complete set incl. all work, parts, two silencers and the mapping change costs €1090,- Contact BERGOS for more info.

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