A few weeks before the EICMA show in Milan, SMRE Umbertide (PG) presented a preview of their first electric motor called the IET engine (Integrated Electric Transmission) for bikes with six-speed gearbox and clutch.

The project is the result of over two thousand hours of work of the team of engineers led by SMRE Engineering.

The IET motor can be mounted on any type of motorcycle and uses a special electric motor with a hydraulic multi-disc clutch and a six-speed gearbox.
The engine is managed by an electronic control unit and advanced software that allows you to map the engine for various driving needs or applications.

Check out a gallery of this bike here

Performance and power output can then be adjusted by a computer or handheld equipment. The batteries can be charged in about two hours, the engine also has a very important system for the recovery of energy similar to the KERS F1 system.

The pit bike presented is capable of a speed of 80 kmh. The power it has is about 16 hp.

On the EICMA in Milan a racing bike with a power of just under 40 hp will be presented. It starts by opening the throttle. The gears are inserted in sequence as a normal bike, the only variation is neutral between the second and third gear. The installation of a IET engine costs around €1500, however, that should pay for itself within a year with the savings in fuel, this technology allows you to travel 120 kilometers for €0.50.

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