The special Supermoto suits are getting more and more popular. What is a Supermoto suit you might ask? It's a suit that consists of a leather armor top with integrated backprotector, jersey for over the armor and special leather pants. The suit extends into the pants for about 15cm.The advantages of these suits are that they are cheaper than leather suits, allow more movement of the rider, they are lighter than leather suits, they are easier to keep clean and easier to take on and off.

In the US the use of special 2 piece Supermoto suits is very popular, but that wasn't the case in most European championships. In most European Championships there are rules that only allow the use of single piece leather suits. But that is changing. The Supermoto suits where already legal in the Netherlands and Belgium where all the fast riders ride with special MVD Racewear Supermoto suits. But now the Supermoto suits are also legalized in the German Supermoto Championship.The DMSB have added a special section in their rulebook legalizing the Supermoto suits for use in Supermoto Racing. Denmark has also legalized the use of Supermoto suits in their National Championship. More countries are also changing the rules to allow the use of the suits.

Supermoto Central is getting their hands on a MVD Racewear Supermoto suit soon and will be doing a review of this nice piece of kit. 

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