Italian exhaust manufactuer Zard has developed a couple of new products for the KTM Supermoto models. Zard developed a new can for 950 KTM Supermoto and 990 Supermoto. The can is stainless steel with a carbon, black anodized aluminium or silver shell. The exhaust is available in a carbon racing version with Db killer and a catalyzed or racing model in aluminum. The supplied technical data from ZARD claim an increase of 3,5hp in power and a weight reduction of 4,6kg(9lbs).

For the 690 KTM Supermoto ZARD has developed  a complete 1 into 2 Kit in stainless steel or full titanium. The can is available in a catalyzed version with Db killer or a racing version (102 db). Zard claims that this kit will increase the power with 4 hp and reduce the weight by 3,8kg(8lbs) with the titanium version. 

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