Van den Bosch tests with TM

VDB won a world title on a TM in 2009

Thierry van den Bosch has been recovering from an injury the last couple of months. But now VDB has been spotted in action at the Latina track in Italy. But surprisingly was riding a TM Factory bike.

This is surprising because he was expected to return with the KTM Motoracing team. VDB wants to resume training in June and maybe race later this year if all goes well.

In which colors VDB will return remains to be seen but it looks like he is going back to blue.


Winstanley leaves SHR Supermoto

Photo by SHR Supermoto

Matt Winstanley just announced that he will be leaving SHR Supermoto because of budget cuts in the team.

Just like to let you all know il not be riding supermoto any more budget cuts in the team was the reason they said they had to let me go.

Just like to thank dennis and the rest of the team for the past four years its been a great team to ride for and enjoyed every minute of it, but new this time would come expected it for a bit now so its time to try my hand at something new an hopefully stay riding bikes.

Good luck to the team this weekend and for the rest of the year.

We wish Matt Winstanley good luck with his future endeavours.

USA Pro Supermoto and Robby Gordon’s Stadium Super Trucks to Partner for 2013

USA Pro Supermoto is pleased to announce the a new partnership between USA Pro Supermoto and Robbie Gordon’s Stadium Super Trucks Series (SST) to hold pro supermoto racing events together for the remainder of the 2013 race season.

Stadium Super Trucks (SST) will begin featuring USA Pro Supermoto racing action at select Stadium Super Trucks events this summer starting with the SST event at Qualcomm Stadium on May 18 th.

For this first event, USA Pro Supermoto will be holding an exhibition race on the stadium floor of Qualcomm Stadium during the 5th round of the Stadium Super Trucks Series on May 18th. This USAPSM event, hosted by SST, will include a USA Pro Supermoto Invitational race featuring some of the top pro supermoto riders in the country.

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Czechs rule German round in Stendal

Two riders from the Czech Republic won the second round of the German Supermoto Championship in Stendal.

Thomas Travnicek won the overall in the S1 class with two wins. Volz reached the second step of the podium with a 2-2 score, followed by Dutchman Maik Voorwinden(5-3) in third. Because Travnicek was a guest rider Volz grabbed the 50 points and climbed to 2nd in the S1 class. Lukas Hollbacher still leads the S1 Championship.

In the S2 class it was KTM Bauerschmidt rider Pavel Kejmar who won the battle with two-stroke Husaberg rider Marcus Class(2-2). Jens Wiedemann finished 3rd overall. Kejmar leads the S2 class with a 22 point lead over Class.

Full race report

Lazzarini and Vermeulen take pole in Capua

The first day of the 2013 World Supermoto Championship in Capua Italy was a rainy one. It rained so much the organization was forced to take out the offroad section to keep it intact for the races tomorrow.

In the S1 class Lazzarini took the pole position followed closely by Winstanley and Hermunen. Behind them followed Beltrami and Bartolini. It was a very close qualification with the top 10 within one second of eachother.

In the European Championship S2 class it was Dutchman Devon Vermeulen who took advantage of his rain riding skills and grabbed the pole in front of Fred Guerin and Toni Klem. SHR Supermoto riders Mitchell Thomas and Salstola completed the top five.

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Hermunen takes pole in Viterbo

Mauno Hermunen (TM-SHR), took the pole position with a time of 1'18 .086 during the first round of the Italian Supermoto Championship in Viterbo.

Second in the S1 qualifying session was Teo Monticelli (Honda) third place was for the world champion Thomas Chareyre (TM Factory Racing) in front of his brother Adrien (Aprilia Fast Wheels) and the Brit Matthew Winstanley (TM-SHR) who completed the top five.

Behind them followed the Bolognese cop Christian Ravaglia (Honda HM Assomotor), the Italian champion Ivan Lazzarini (Honda Racing-L30), Paulo Gaspardone (Honda-Yashica), Czech Petr Vorlicek (TM-SHR) and Fabrizio Bartolini (Honda HM Assomotor).

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