Fred Guerin seriously injured

French Supermoto rider Fred Guerin crashed hard at the Dutch Supercross Zuidbroek last weekend. He seriously hurt his back and is paralyzed.

After a succesful test at the Super-Cross Dortmund this january the team of Johannes-Bikes decided to race the complete ADAC SX Cup this winter. Rider was again 20 year old Fred Guerin, a friend of SuperMoto teamrider Jan Deitenbach.

At the first heats in the Netherlands Guerin had a few small problems, but the team spirit was perfect. In the first lap of the last chance race on sunday Fred was in fourth place, when he was involved in a crash at a small jump. He fell so unfortunately on the next jump, that he immediately stayed on the ground. The perfect working ambulance recognized immediately that it was a very serious injury.

In the hospital at Groningen the shocking diagnosis where several broken vertebras and paralyzed legs.

Daniel Johannes: „We are completely shocked. As usual in our team, also the step into SX Racing was build on friendship and a familiar spirit. We can’t go back to normal. We wish Fred and his family, who stays with him in the Netherlands, all the power they need.“

Maik Voorwinden retires from Supermoto after Mettet

Maik Voorwinden of Team Voorwinden has ridden his last supermoto race of his career at the superbiker in Mettet. Maik did a great job in qualifying and managed to qualify himself for the main event easily. Unfortunately he crashed in the first lap of the main event and lost a lot of time. Maik jumped back on his bike but unfortunately he crashed another time and decided to retire from the race.

We wish the 2012 Dutch Champion good luck in his future endeavours.

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[LUC1] Wanty Superbiker - Mettet 2013

Here is the video of Luc1's weekend in Belgium during the biggest Supermoto event of the season: the Mettet Superbiker.
They had the pleasure to welcome a retired motocross star, David Vuillemin himself. In the video he shares his thoughts about this new experience for him with a healthy dose of humor.

2013 Wanty Superbiker Mettet starts tomorrow

11, 12 and 13 October, the Jules Circuit Tacheny Mettet will host the 27th edition of the WantySuperbiker. This unique event, one of the world’s biggest Supermoto gatherings, pits the biggest stars of speed and motocross head to head in the same race. This year features an exceptional crop of world-class riders with last year’s winner, the young Romain Febvre, heading the charge as favourite for the 2013 title.

The highlight of the 2013 race is amended circuit design, introducing a double-circuit layout for Starbikers which features an all new jump on the asphalt as well action in the dirt. In Freestyle visitors will witness a much vaunted duel between the amazing Aussie Robbie Maddison vs. Mat Rebeaud, with the darling of Belgian public Gilles Dejong hunting them down. As ever at Mettet the crowd, benefits from the circuits natural layout and hillside elevation to get closer to the action than at any other event to feel the spectacle and passion and energy of the race

Outside of the stars of Starbiker, the 2013 version is equally exceptional with the participation ofno less than a dozen U.S. professional stars flying in to compete along with two riders of the Belgium team that won the Motocross of Nations in full force (De Dycker and van Horebeek). Michael "Rocket" Pichon, double world Superbike champion Troy Corser and the top names in Supermoto, not to mention Mettet’s little prince Stéphane Chambon, who seduced by the sourcery of the double track, will put on his leathers to challenge at the highest level.

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SHR team quits Supermoto

Surprising news after the last round of the World Supermoto Championship in France. The British team SHR is leaving Supermoto and will be focusing on Road Racing in 2014.

This comes as a surprise because the team was very succesful this year with Hermunen winning the world championship. His teammates Mitchell-Thomas and Salstola where regulars on the podium in the European Championship.

Rumors are that the team will be competing with Malachi Mitchell-Thomas and Ben Stafford in the British Superstock 600 championship.

This currently leaves the new World Champion Mauno Hermunen, Petr Vorlicek and Sami Salstola without a team for 2014.

Source: (google translate)

Hermunen will ride for Bulgaria at the Supermoto of Nations

Finnish SHR Supermoto rider Mauno Hermunen will ride for team Bulgaria at the Supermoto of Nations. Yes you read that right. Bulgaria not Finland.

How is this possible you may ask? The rules state that you only compete in the team of the country which you are a citizen of. Well the Bulgarian Motorcycle federation took care of that. They arranged a Bulgarian passport for Hermunen so he can get some points for the Bulgarian team in exchange for a paycheck.

Apparently the Finnish motorcycle federation didn't want to pay anything extra but expenses to Hermunen for competing at the Supermoto of Nations.

But should they really? Isn't it enough to defend the honor of your country?

Source: (English translation)

Bidart dominates at Alpe D'Huez

Photo by Luc1 / S. Bernard

The French Supermoto Championship returned to the scenic track of Alpe D'Huez for the 15th time.

Five time French Champion Sylvain Bidart was once again the man to beat. He took the pole and won the first race. Behind him followed Aurélien Grelier and David Baffeleuf (Honda) who took the third position. 

In the second race, Sylvain Bidart immediately took control and quickly expanded the gap on his opponents, the two Yamaha riders Eddy Petard and Waren Bougard. Aurélien Grelier had a bad race with an eighth place finish.

Sylvain Bidart grabbed the overall in front of Eddy Petard and Aurelien Grelier. David Baffeleuf and Stephane Blot completed the top five. 

In the Championship ranking, Sylvain Bidart made a spectacular comeback to the second position, after he skipped a French round for a World Supermoto round. Eddy Petard holds the lead for now, while Waren Bougard sits in third.

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Höllbacher and Wiedemann win at Harz-ring

Lukas Höllbacher was unbeatable at the Harz-ring (photo by

Lukas Höllbacher keeps a firm lead of the German S1 Championship after winning both races and the overall at the Harz-Ring last weekend. Nico Joannidis grabbed 2nd overall with a 2-3 score. Behind him followed Andre Plogmann(4-5), Hiemer and Rudi Bauer. Höllbacher has a firm hold on the S1 Championship with a 41 point lead over Plogmann.

In the S2 class there where some heated battles between Class and Kejmar. But Jens Wiedemann was the one who got away with the overall win after winning race 1 and scoring a 2nd in race 2. Class(2-3) finished 2nd overall followed by Kejmar who won race 2. Behind him followed Fuhrbach and Gaillard.

The fight for the S2 title is still very heated with Class having a small 5 point lead over Kejmar.

Full results

Race report at (German)

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