Thomas Chareyre and Vermeulen win SMGP of Romania

In S1 Race1 TM SHR Mauno Hermunen took the holeshot but was soon passed on the second lap as TM Racing Team Thomas Chareyre charged into the lead where he was unchallenged on his way to victory.
The early stages of the race remained fairly static with Hermunen in second, Aprilia Fast Wheels Adrien Chareyre third and Honda L30 Racing Ivan Lazzarini fourth.
But that all changed when Mauno crashed in the off-road section, falling to fifth.
The Bulgarian TM Angel Karanyatov moved into fourth briefly as Hermunen looked to settle himself back into a rhythm and before long the Finn was in fourth which is where he would finish.
The win went to Thomas Chareyre with Adrien Chareyre second, Lazzarini was third with Hermunen fourth.

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Hermunen and Guardala on pole in Romania

The second Grand Prix of the FIM Supermoto World Championship and the second Round of the Supermoto European Championship sees the return to Arad, Romania for the first time since 2004 and while the asphalt section remains the same the off-road part of the circuit has been re-designed.
In the days pre-ceding the event rainstorms were the main concern, but come Friday afternoon the skies cleared and temperatures of 18? enabled circuit conditions to be near perfect for today’s qualifying sessions.

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Thomas Chareyre dominates at Villars

(Photo by S.Bernard / Luc1 Honda)

Thomas Chareyre (TM Factory Racing) was again unbeatable at the 2nd round of the French Supermoto Championship at Villars-sous-Ecot.

In the first race , Thomas Chareyre made the holeshot , followed by his brother Adrien Chareyre (Aprilia), Sylvain Bidart (Honda , Team Luc1 Motorsport). The difference between the three drivers grows gradually throughout the race and that is the order they cross the finish line without actually being harassed by the following competitors.

In the second race , Sylvain Bidart starts with a good pace and took the lead at the start. After two rounds , Thomas Chareyre and Adrien Chareyre overtake him. However, they manage to keep the pressure on Thomas. Waren Bougard ( Husqvarna Team FRD ) is more than 40 seconds behind the leading trio. Thomas Chareyre wins the second race, again followed his brother Adrien and Sylvain Bidart.

Thomas Chareyre leads the standings but he will not ride at other French Championship events. The battle will be between Adrien Chareyre and Sylvain Bidart. Bidart loses two points on its main competitor, but with 6 races to run, everything is still possible. Finally, Waren Bougard is not out of the battle yet and he hopes to better his third place from last year. So we bet that the show will go on.

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Lazzarini wins Italian Supermoto round at Lissone

Bad weather and the rain did not stop the racing at the second round of the Italian Supermoto Championship in Lissone.
Ivan Lazzarini ( L30 Honda Racing) dominated both rounds by taking an early lead in both races. By taking the overall he also takes over the red plate from Ravaglia.

2nd overall was Teo Monticelli (Honda Team Arrow) thanks to a 5th place in race 1 and a great 2nd place in race 2.

Christian Ravaglia (Honda Racing SM ) was by far the fastest on the track on both days this weekend. Taking the pole position and the fastest lap in the race. He tried hard to catch up to Lazzarini in race 1 but finished 2nd. In race 2 he crashed and had to fight back from last place to place 6. He finished 3rd overall..

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Double victory for TM at SMGP of France

TM Factory rider Thomas Chareyre won the first World Supermoto GP of 2014. In Rivesaltes, France he won both races in front of his brother Adrien Chareyre on the Fast Wheels Aprilia. SHR TM rider Mauno Hermunen finished 3rd in both races.

In the European Championship it was another TM Factory rider who won the overall. Devon Vermeulen battled hard all weekend and won both races in front of Assomotor Honda rider Fabrizio Bartolini and Fast Wheels Aprilia rider Asseri Kingelin who finished 2nd and 3rd overall.

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Thomas Chareyre takes pole position in France

The first Grand Prix of the 2014 FIM Supermoto World Championship kicked off today at Rivesaltes at the same venue that hosted the final round of the 2013 campaign.
Conditions out on track were a little windy but all sessions were held under sunny skies.

With the top six riders from S1 going through to the Superchrono session a good time in timed training would be very important. Thomas Chareyre TM Factory Racing proved to be the fastest of the Chareyre brothers with a time of 1:30.211 – which was 0.017 quicker than Adrien Chareyre on his Fast Wheels Aprilia.
Defending World Champion Mauno Hermunen SHR TM, Ivan Lazzarini L30 Racing Honda, Sylvain Bidart Honda and Pavel Kejmar 833 Racing Team Husqvarna rounded out the top six for the chance to compete in the ten minute long SuperChrono session.

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Thomas Chareyre wins premier French Supermoto round at Rivesaltes

Thomas Chareyre (TM Factory Racing ) dominated the first round of the French Supermoto Championship in Rivesaltes. He grabbed pole position and won both races.

His brother Adrien Chareyre (Aprilia Fast Wheels) finished 2nd overall with two 2nd place finishes. 2013 Champion Sylvain Bidart was 3rd overall with a 3-3 score.

In the S2 250cc class Jean-Charles Decabooter conquered the highest step followed by Adrien Goguet and Germain Vincenot (Honda-Team Luc1 Motorsport).

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Updated 2014 World Supermoto calendar

The 2014 FIM Supermoto World Championship calendar has been updated, you can find below the changes in bold.

The SMGP of Bulgaria and the SMGP of Germany, originally scheduled on 11 May in Pleven and on 1 June in St Wendel respectively, have been cancelled.

The SMGP of Belgium, scheduled on 20 July, has been added in Zolder as for the SMGP of Estonia, Tabasalu scheduled on 31 August.

The SMGP of Trentino, Italy, originally scheduled on 14 September, has been replaced by the SMGP of Croatia in Rijeka on 21 September.






20 April




18 May



SM2 | SM3 | SM85

15 June




06 July




20 July


Zolder tbc


31 August




21 September




12 October

FIM SuperMoto of Nations 



Tbc: To be confirmed
Tba: To be announced

Hiemer and Class win first German round in Harsewinkel

Hiemer chased by Höllbacher (Photo by

Bauerschmidt KTM rider Bernd Hiemer won the S1 class at the first round of the German Supermoto Championship in Harsewinkel. With a 3-1 score he scored the same amount of points as Husqvarna rider Lukas Höllbacher who also finished 1st and 3rd in the races. Third on the podium was Markus Volz with a 3-4 score.

In the S2 class it was Husqvarna rider Markus Class who dominated and was unbeatable all weekend. He won both races with ease on his 380cc two-stroke.
Second overall was Kevin Würterle with two 2nd place finishes. Rudi Bauer claimed the third step of the S2 podium.

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