World Supermoto GP of Sicily - The start of the construction work

In Palermo, the assembling of the circuit for the Grand Prix of Sicily Supermoto has already begun. The second round of the World Championship, scheduled this weekend on 26 and 27 May , will be held at a track build on the old airport of the Sicilian capital Boccadifalco.

It will have a total length of 1,500 meters where, in the most spectacular points, there will be large grandstands for the public, from where it will be possible to follow each part of the race.

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USA Pro Supermoto series cancelled for this year

Dennis Anderson, the founder of the USA Pro Supermoto series , announced today that the USA Pro Supermoto series will be cancelled for 2012.

Dennis has been undergoing threatment for “head and neck” cancer and is unable to continue to work on the series.

Quoting Dennis: "USA Pro Supermoto will live on.... but first I must too."

We wish Dennis all the best with the threatment and the recovery, we hope the biggest man in US Supermoto will be back soon. 

Read the full statement by Dennis here

Class and Jasinski win in Großenhain

Photo by Christian Queens -

Yesterday the airfield of Großenhain was the location of the second German Supermoto Championship round.

In the S1 class Markus Class(Suzuki) took the win in race 1 after taking the holeshot and creating a sizeable gap between him and his opponents. Behind  him several riders crashed trying to battle for the remaining podium places. After the dust cleared Michi Herrmann(Husqvarna) finished in 2nd place, followed by Austrian Lukas Höllbacher(KTM) in 3rd.

In race 2 Class again took the lead from the start and won the race without any problems. Pavel Kejmar(KTM) finished 2nd and Markus Volz(KTM) crossed the finish line in 3rd, but got a penalty for cutting the track and was bumped back to 8th. Künzel (Aprilia) was now 3rd, behind him followed Michi Herrmann and the Dutch Champion Maik Voorwinden(KTM).

Class won the overall  and Michi Herrmann and Jurgen Künzel completed the podium. Markus Class now has a 19 point lead on Jürgen Künzel and Michi Herrmann.

In the S2 class Jasinski was again the fastest rider on his two-stroke Husaberg. After taking pole position he won both races and won the overall in front of Jean-Marc Gaillard(2-2) and Dirk Spaniol(5-3). Jasinski extended his points lead to Spaniol with 20 points.

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Van Drunen wins Dutch rounds in Boekel and Hellendoorn

Boekel race 1 video by Giovanni Barbarino

Marcel van Drunen won two rounds in a row in the Dutch Supermoto Championship. During the 3rd round in Boekel he took the overall win with a 2nd place in race 1 and a win in race 2. Devon Vermeulen finished 2nd overall with a 1-4 score. Marc Fraikin completed the podium with two 3rd place finishes. 

The week after in Hellendoorn van Drunen again took the overall win with exactly the same results as he did the week before(2-1), this time Maik Voorwinden took the 2nd step of the podium after winning race 1 and taking 3rd in race 2. Ramon van Hamond finished 3rd overall after a 4th and 5th place.

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Van den Bosch breaks bones during training crash

Thierry Van Den Bosch crashed during a training session with his MX bike while he was preparing for the next World Cup race in Palermo. He fractured the scaphoid of the left hand and two fingers of his right hand.

Unfortunately VDB will probably have surgery, if so, the doctors have predicted a five week stop. Get well soon Thierry!

Maier and Höllbacher win Austrian round in Fuglau

The second round of the Supermoto Masters Austria was held last weekend at the North Ring Fuglau.

In the S1 class the reigning two time champion Hannes Maier took the pole position and won both of the races. Rudolf Bauer was the only one who could keep up with him and scored two 2nd places. Praxmarer takes third in race 1 and Onodi takes 3rd in race 2. Maier takes the overall win in front of Bauer and Praxmarer.

In the open displacement class S Open Lukas Höllbacher outclassed the competition. He started in pole position and won both races and grabbed the overall win infront of Hanson Schruf(2-2) and Heinz Hochreiter(3-3).

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