Hoffman wins first 2012 US Pro Supermoto round

photo by Marylex Supermoto

Last weekend at Willow Springs Dustin Hoffman has won the first round of the US Pro Supermoto Championship organized by the Supermoto Riders Coalition.

He won all three races last Saturday. Ryan Kearns finished 2nd overall with a 3rd place and two 2nd places. Alexis Marie-Luce came over from France and grabbed 3rd overall with a 2-3-3 score. Micky Dymond finished 4th followed by Tim Velasquez in 5th.

In the Lites(250cc) class Sean Butterman finished 1st in all three races and took the overall. Behind him followed Jayson Uribe and Ryan Cooper.

The next race of the SRC US Pro Supermoto Championship is scheduled at Miller Motorsports park on June 29 - July 1.

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Supermoto riders Coalition saves Pro Supermoto in the US

After the 2012 USA Pro Supermoto Championship has been put on hold, Pro Supermoto riders in the US have formed a Supermoto Riders Coalition to save the 2012 Pro Supermoto season in the US.

So far they have succeeded to reorganize the former USA Pro Supermoto event this weekend on Willow Springs on the 2nd and 3th of June. Many pro riders have signed up and amateur classes also have been added.

The Supermoto riders coalition is still working on a website but in the meantime you can follow all the news on the Supermoto Riders Coalition Facebook page

Vorlicek wins the European Supermoto round at the GP of Sicily

In Palermo the riders from the Supermoto European Championship fight against each other to win the second round.

Leader of all races in Palermo is the Czech rider Vorlicek from the Honda SHR Team: three spectacular victories who permitted him to win not only the competition in Palermo but also to become first in the championship ranking. Honor position for the Italian Edgardo Borella, from the Yamaha Extreme Riders team, who was able to end all the races as second, becoming thus second in the championship ranking.

Good were also the young Italian Diego Monticelli (Honda Freccia) and Lorenzo Lapini (Honda Lola Racing) for their third and forth position, before Sami Salstola (Honda SHR), Mattia Martella (Ktm MTR), Andrea Moschini (Kawasaki Ignorant RT).

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Adrien Chareyre wins the GP of Sicily

A beautiful sun has welcomed this last day of the Supermoto Gran Prix of Sicily, held in the Boccadifalco Airport and organized by Youthstream Events, Youthstream, Moto Club Dream Team and FMI.

Great response from the public, who has witnessed the return on the island of the GP of Sicily, full of surprises that have caused the final results to change in the very last race of the day. Winner of this exciting GP the French champion Adrien Chareyre on his Aprilia Fast Wheels Team. With this victory he gains important points for the championship, after the unsatisfying race in Pavia. Three second positions were enough for the French to arrive first on the podium in front of his little brother Thomas (TM Racing Factory), who confirms his title of championship leader by winning the last race and arriving third and forth in the first two races.

Third overall is for the beloved Italian Ivan Lazzarini (HM Honda Racing), two times on third position and once forth in the three races of today, but above all always more comfortable in his second position in the championship.

No luck for the Finnish Mauno Hermunen (TM SHR), great winner of the first races but unlucky in the last one, when he was obliged to restart from the end because of the dying out of his moto when he was first. Forth absolute position for him, who in the qualifications comes before the Italians Christian Ravaglia (Ktm Miglio), Max Verderosa (Honda HBV), Elia Sammartin (Suzuki Pergetti).

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Vorlicek fastest in European Championship qualification

Today in Sicily the Czech Petr Vorlicek (Honda SHR) was the fastest rider in the qualifications for the European Championship class S2.

A series of fast rounds brought him the fastest time. 2nd was the Italian Edgardo Borella (Yamaha Extreme Riders) and 3rd was the Britt Malachi Mitchell Thomas (Honda SHR). Behind him followed Lorenzo Lapini (Honda Lola Racing) and Sami Salstola (Honda SHR).

A good qualification for the Italian Diego Monticelli (Honda Freccia) as well, who closes the qualification day in sixth place in front of the British Chris Hodgson (Ktm), the Italian Mattia Martella (Ktm Mtr), the Dutchman Devon Vermeulen (Ktm Motoracing) and the German Jan Deitenbach (Suzuki).

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Hermunen takes pole at GP of Sicily


A typical Sicilian sunny and hot weather has welcomed this first day of races and has attracted many people, who for the first time can see these spectacular races in their own city.

The Finn Mauno Hermunen is dominating this world qualification eve, with the best timing of the day he has come in front of the French world champion Adrien Chareyre (Aprilia Fast Wheels) and the Italian Ivan Lazzarini (HM Honda Racing), who has shown to be at ease on the Sicilian track. Fourth place then for the championship leader, the French Thomas Chareyre (TM Racing Factory).

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International stars racing at the Dutch round in Valkenswaard

The next round of the Dutch Supermoto Championship at the Eurocircuit Valkenswaard is promising to be a spectacular one. On Sunday the 3rd of June several big International riders will be coming over for one of the best races of the Dutch Season.

Australian Supermoto Champion Beau Laing(Motoworks TM) is coming over from New Zealand to compete in his first ever European race.

German World Champion Bernd Hiemer and French talent Fred Guerin will also be riding in the southern town of Valkenswaard in the Netherlands. And ofcourse the local stars like Marcel van Drunen, Marc Fraikin and many others will be fighting for the victory.

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Bidart and Berthoux winners in Magny-Cours

During the second round of the French Supermoto Championship on the karting circuit of Magny-Cours, Sylvain Bidart (Luc'1 Honda) left no chance to his opponents. Fastest in the qualification and Superpole, he won three races without having to actually fight for the victory.

Aurelien Grelier (Yamaha Blot) finished in 2nd place overall, after battling with Waren Bougard (Yamaha Les Deux wheels) and "Professeur" Stephane Blot (Blot Yamaha), who takes the 3rd step of the overall podium.

Waren Bougard, who finished 4th overall, however, remains 3rd in championship rankings.

In the 250 4T/125 2T S3 class a leading group of five riders is able to get a win. Overall winner Lucas Berthoux (Yamaha) is the strong man of this season and won two of three races, in front of Maxime Lacour (Yamaha Blot) (2-6-1). Germain Vincenot (Honda Luc'1) was fastest in the qualifications but lacked confidence in the rain and takes third overall (5-2-3).

A highlight for Steve Pasco (MVD/SHR) taking 3rd in race 1 and 2. Florian Coget (Yamaha) could not do better than 5th.

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