Bidart and Vincenot win French round in Alpe d'Huez

Next tot the Italian Championship races in Alpe d'Huez, the French Championship also had a round there last weekend.

Unsurprisingly, Sylvain Bidart (Luc'1 Honda) clocked the fastest lap time in qualifying and grabbed the Superpole.

In the rain, Stéphane Blot used his experience to defeat Sylvain Bidart. Aurélien Grelier finished in third.

In a sunny race 2, Sylvain Bidart won easily in front of "The Professor" Blot. Aurélien Grelier again finished in third position.

In the last race, Sylvain Bidart again was victorious. Aurélien Grelier managed to climb into second place ahead of his boss Stéphane Blot.

Sylvain Bidart wins the event and increases his lead in the championship with one round left. Aurélien Grelier stays in 2nd position followed by Warren Bougard and Stéphane Blot.

In the S3 class Germain Vincenot (Luc'1 Honda) won the overall in front of Lucas Berthoux (Yamaha) and Steve Pasco (KTM), who finally reached the podium this season. Lucas Berthoux keeps the lead in the S3 Championship in front of Maxime Lacour (Yamaha Team Blot).

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Sic Supermoto Day in December



During last Saturday’s fourth round of the Supermoto International Series at the Pomposa circuit (Ravenna, Italy) it was officially announced the latest event to help raise funds for the Marco Simoncelli Foundation

The event created and organized by Federico Capogna is called “Sic Supermoto Day,” a supermoto endurance race that will be held next December 2nd and will be hosted at the Sagittario International Circuit (Latina, Italy) and promises to be packed with the partecipation of MotoGP stars.

On September 1st, Sic Supermoto Day will be opening an online registration site and with the last remaining open spots still available, will allow you the awesome opportunity to take part in the event as a competitor.

“The memory of Marco and the commitment of the Marco Simoncelli Foundation” - said Paolo Simoncelli, present at the presentation - “is the engine of our existence - everything revolves around several projects, such as the construction of a new hospital in Santo Domingo, near the Haitian border, but there’s also an abandoned hotel in the city of Coriano where Marco used to live that we want to turn into a day care center for disabled children. This isn’t an easy feat, but it allows us to be close to our dear Marco, and give us strength every day. ”

Source: Twowheelsblog

Thomas Chayrere wins in Alpe d'Huez, Lazzarini Italian Champion

The French city circuit of Alpe d'Huez at 1,300 meters, hosted the fifth round of the Italian International Series and Italian Supermoto Championship S1.

Just like the previous round in Ferrara, Frenchman Thomas Chareyre (TM Factory Racing) grabbed the overall win in front of Finnish Mauno Hermunen (TM SHR) both scored a win and a second place. Hermunen is still firmly maintaining his leadership position in international ranking. The brother of the winner, Adrien Chareyre (Aprilia Fast Wheels),finished  third overall followed by British rider Matthew Winstanley (TM SHR) and the 33 year old Ivan Lazzarini (HM Honda Racing). Who thanks to this result grabbed his ninth Italian national title in Supermoto. Behind him Petr Vorlíček Andrea Occhini, Massimiliano Verderosa, Devon Vermeulen and Paul Gaspardone complete the overall top 10.

The next and final round of the season is at Castelletto on 15 and September 16, but on 18 and 19 August, the Circus will move to Switzerland for the fifth World Supermoto round in Lignières.

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Supermoto Central on Supermoto vacation

The next two weeks there won't be any updates because I will be going on a proper Supermoto vacation.

1 week of street riding on the twistys of the French les Vosges and the following week the training week at the Erzgebirgsring track in Lichtenberg, Germany.

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Vorlicek wins European round in Croatia

At the end, the winner is the Czech Petr Vorlicek, who, aboard his Honda (Team SHR), has won all the three races of today, just like he did in Sicily in the second round. Vorlicek has now 87 points advantage over the Dutchman Devon Vermeulen. Second position for the Austrian Lukas Hollbacher (Ktm), who has arrived once second and twice third in the final races.
Third position on the podium for the Finnish Sami Salstola (Honda Team SHR), arrived once fifth and twice second in the final races.
After them, for the top five, Devon Vermeulen (NED-KTM) and Edgardo Borella (Yamaha-ITA).

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Thomas Chareyre wins GP of Croatia

All the attention was captured by the usual group of riders, who are in the leading positions since the beginning of the World Championship and are well-intentioned to gain enough points in the classifications to win this competition. Among them the French Thomas Chareyre (TM Factory Racing), who has won all the three races today with a determination hardly seen before.

The French, former World Champion, thus increases his leadership in the classifications, but has difficulties to detach from his rivals, like the Finnish Mauno Hermunen (TM SHR), who - if it wasn't for his problem at the left wrist due to the bad fall of yesterday - could have done better than the three second positions he did today.

Third position on the podium for the Italian Ivan Lazzarini (HM Honda Racing), who could improve himself in the three races and stabilize his position in the world standings.
Fourth position for the defending World Champion, the French Adrien Chareyre (Aprilia Fast Wheels), who has arrived twice third and had problems with his bike in the third race. Last for the top five is then the British Matthew Winstanley (TM SHR), who has followed the leading group all the time.

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Adrien Chareyre takes pole in Croatia

Today during the qualification for the fourth GP of S1 class, Adrien Chareyre (Aprilia Fast Wheels) took the pole with the best lap time.

Today the qualifications started off well for the French defending Champion, who has taken advantage of the free practice in the morning to become familiar with the circuit.

But Adrien Chareyre will have to watch out for the other riders in the first row tomorrow: next to him are Mauno Hermunen (TM SHR), Thomas Chareyre (TM Factory Racing) and Ivan Lazzarini (HM Honda Racing).

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