Czech team fastest on Supermoto of Nations Qualification day

The seventh edition of the FIM Supermoto of Nations begins today on the International Circuit of Algarve, a team race where the riders compete for their own Nations.

Portugal has already welcomed FIM Supermoto World Championship, but it's the first time that this country hosts the Supermoto of Nations.

Having the best riders is not enough for a team to win the Supermoto of Nations, the strategy that the team develops during the race is also very important. That is what the Czech Republic team has managed to have today thanks to the results gained in the qualifications by the three riders Tomas Travnicek (Honda), Pavel Kejmar (Ktm) and Petr Vorlicek (TM), with numerous supporters gathered here today also thanks to the wonderful and sunny day.

The Czech Republic has begun this SMoN with the third position of Travnicek in the qualifying race group one and with the two victories of Pavel Kejmar (Ktm) e Petr Vorlicek (TM) in the remaining two qualifying races. These three riders will try to win the Francesco Zerbi Thropy for the first time ever.

Second position tomorrow for Italy - twice champion in 2006 and 2008 - which has obtained three second positions in the qualification races of today thanks to Ivan Lazzarini (Honda), Christian Ravaglia (Ktm) e Massimo Beltrami (Honda).

Third position for France - three times champion in 2007, 2010 and 2011 - whose riders have obtained a victory, the SM World Champion Thomas Chareyre (TM) a fifth position, Sylvain Bidart (Honda) a third position, Aurelien Grelier (Yamaha) in the three races of today.

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Supermoto of Nations in Portimao Portugal this weekend

Also for this year the Supermoto season is coming to the end with the most important event of the year: the FIM Supermoto of Nations, this year at his Seventh Edition. The track of Algarve will be the scenario to host this big event this week-end on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October.

The beautiful International Circuit of Algarve, famous for the organization of the SBK Championship, hosted last season the Supermoto GP of Portugal at the end of September where a surprising Matthew Winstaley won the GP.

This season fourteen Team and twelve the Nations will participate at this important event .

In 2011 the FIM Supermoto of Nations had been hosted by the track of Motorland Alcaniz Teruel in Spain where the France took the Zerbi’s Trophy followed by Great Britain and Finland.

Team France is a very strong nation that won the title also in 2007 and 2010. The Team Manager Bruno Jean-Jacques for this event formed his tea

m in this way: the 2012 Supermoto World Champion Thomas Chareyre, winner of the 2010 FIM Supermoto of Nations , the several times French Champion Sylvain Bydart and Aurelien Grelier.

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Dutch Champions crowned during last round in Lelystad

Photo by Kees Matthijssen

After securing the Belgian title in Battice, Marc Fraikin(45) also grabbed the Dutch Supermoto title in Lelystad last weekend.

He finished 2nd and 3rd which was enough for the Championship.

The final round was won by Maik Voorwinden(4-1) followed by Marcel van Drunen(3-2) and Marc Fraikin in 3rd.

In the Euro class Michel Gregoire won the title after taking 4th overall. Jaimie van Sikkelerus won both the races and won the overall followed by Sander Olie and Walter de Jong.

In the National class Ronnie Kreeft grabbed the championship with two 2nd places behind overall winner Tom Ellenbroek. In the National B class Daniël de Graaf won both races and the overall in his first round ever.

Full results

Vermeulen wins the last European Supermoto round in France

A great day today for the sport. Big celebrations in the Île-de-France region, where in Carole in the renewed circuit near Paris, the sixth and last Round for the UEM S2 European Championship took place.
A cloudy and slight cold day wasn't enough to discourage people from coming here today to support their fellow countrymen competing for the top positions of the day and the Championships.

The Dutchman Devon Vermeulen, from the Italian team KTM Motoracing, wins two races and finishes third in the second race, thus winning the Round of France and scoring the second position after the Czech Champion Petr Vorlicek (TM SHR) in the European Supermoto Championship 2012. Second position for this round for the French Frederic Guerin (SUZUKI Triple 5) - Supermoto and Cross National Champion - who has always stayed behind Vermeulen today. Third place on the podium today for the Italian Diego Monticelli (HONDA Freccia), who wins a race and arrives third and fourth in the other two races.

For the top ten of the day: the German Jan Deitenbach (Suzuki), the Finnish Sami Salstola (HONDA Shr), the British Mitchell-Thomas Malachi (TM Shr), the Belgian Arnaud Wauters (KTM), the Swede Kevin Fagre (TM), the Italians Mattia Martella (KTM Motoracing) and Andrea Moschini (Kawasaki Ignorant Racing Team).

Last podium also for the European Young Thropy as well, a competition for the under 23 held in every round of the European Championship 2012.
The Dutchman Devon Vermeulen (KTM Ktm Motoracing) wins this Round today as well, after him the Finnish Sami Salstola (HONDA Shr) and the Italian Diego Monticelli (HONDA Freccia). Second place in the S2 for the French Frederic Guerin (SUZUKI Triple 5).

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Adrien Chareyre wins the GP of France, Thomas Chareyre is the 2012 S1 World Champion

Thomas Chareyre (TM Factory Racing) has won the FIM Supermoto World Champion Title 2012, his second Title in the S1 class since 2010.

Thomas wins the Title by finishing once second and twice third in the three races of today, making calculations more than running for the first place. Thomas was not the only one to make this Sunday exciting and one of the most fought rounds of the 2012 season: his brother Adrien Chareyre (APRILIA Fast Wheels), S1 World Champion 2011, has dominated the races with two victories and a second position, while the Finnish Mauno Hermunen (TM SHR) has tried his best to win the title and has finished first, second and third in the three races of today.

On the podium of today the two French brothers Adrien and Thomas Chareyre are respectively first and third, with Hermunen between them. Other riders have contributed to make today an exciting day, like the brand new European S2 Champion Petr Vorlicek (TM Shr) who has chosen to run in the S1 class for today and has arrived fourth before the Italian Max Verderosa (Honda HBV).

Sixth position today for the Czech Pavel Kejmar (KTM Bauerschmidt), then - for the top ten - in order the Italian Ivan Lazzarini (HM Honda Racing), the Spanish Francesc Cucharrera (KTM), the Italians Teo Monticelli (HONDA Freccia) and Elia Sammartin (Suzuki Pergetti).

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Everything is ready for the Final Grand Prix in Carole

After a break of almost one month the FIM Supermoto World Championship is back for the last round of the season. The GP of France will be held on 22 and 23 September on the newly renovated circuit of Carole.

Thomas Chareyre (TM Factory Racing) is still at the top of the standings, with his comfortable advantage of 20 points ahead of Mauno Hermunen.

Mauno Hermunen (TM SHR) second in the standings, won all the three races the last round in Lignieres, leaving the two French Chareyre brothers behind. Difficult times await the Finnish rider who will have just one possibility to grab the title and win over Thomas.

Third place in the standings is for Adrien Chareyre (Aprilia Fast Wheels), the defending World Champion moved up one position in the point standings of the Championship after his third place in the last GP, and now he is just two points ahead of the Italian Champion Ivan Lazzarini (HM Honda Racing). Both of them have to fight to conquer at least the third place in the Standings.

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Kejmar new German S1 Champion and Jasinski ends career in style

Photo by Christian Queens -

It was an exciting final round of International German Supermoto Championship 2012 in Freiburg last weekend. It was the last race on this location and also the last race of S2 Champion Jochen Jasinski. 

Pavel Kejmar(KTM) traveled to the last round as the S1 Championship leader. Markus Class(Suzuki) followed 24 points behind him. The battle for the championship was still on.

Zupin Husqvarna rider Michael Herrmann was very fast and won race 1 in front of the Austrian national champion Lukas Höllbacher(KTM). Bernd Hiemer(KTM) finished 3rd in his first race back. Behind him followed his teammates Kejmar and Volz. Class finished in 11th after clashing with Joannidis in the offroad section. He lost to many points and Kejmar won the German S1 Championship.

Race 2 was won by Lukas Höllbacher followed by Class, Joannidis, Herrmann and Plogmann. Höllbacher took the overall win followed by Herrmann and Hiemer.

In the S2 class Jochen Jasinksi(Husaberg) ended his career in style and won both races and the overall. Jens Wiedemann and Deitenbach(Suzuki) followed behind him.

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