Team Blot expands for 2013

The French Team Blot is expanding the team with 3 new riders for 2013. The team will be riding with Yamaha just like in 2012.

Stéphane Blot and Aurélien Grelier(photo) will defend the honor of the team in the S1 class.

Jean Charles Decabooter(French Amateur Champion 2011) will be joining the team and will be riding in the newly named S2 250cc class.

Decabooter will be joined by his new teammates Graig Sauray and Till De Clercq in the S2 class.Ambre Blot is the only female rider in the teamaboard her YZF125.


Supermoto Masterclass in Italy with Marcel van Drunen


In 2013 Marcel van Drunen will once again organise an exclusive Supermoto Masterclass. This time they are organizing great week in Italy!

What can you expect:

You will be educated by top instructors with a wealth of experience. In addition to six-times Dutch and European champion Marcel van Drunen himself, also Supermoto pro’s Christian Ravaglia and Andrea Occhini will attend.

They will race on two circuits, both 30 minutes from the hotel wich is located nearby Milan. As usual in the morning there will be instruction and teaching by experienced Supermoto professionals. The midday section is reserved for free riding at the circuit.

Sunday is the arrival day, monday and tuesday they will ride at Motodromo Castelletto. This is a great technical circuit which is very adequate for Supermoto.

Wednesday they will try out the next circuit, Pista South Milano. This is a great circuit at which multiple European an Wold Championships took place. Saturday they hope to organise a race between the Masterclass participants and some Italian Supermoto riders.

This Masterclass takes place from Sunday 17 March untill Sunday 24 March.

This Supermoto Masterclass is the perfect occasion to improve your technique, race together and last but not least: have a great time! The Supermoto Master Class has been a great success for over six years with both professional and recreative Supermotoriders.

For more information check out this page

New Alpina Wheels UK website

Alpina Wheels United Kingdom has launched a brand new website which features a new online ordering system that makes ordering your custom set of Alpina Wheels very easy.

They also offer a free hoodie for the first 10 people that buy through their new online store.

Go check out the website at

Dovizioso and Hermunen win the Sic Supermoto Day

MotoGP rider Andrea Dovizioso and Mauno Hermunen have won the Sic Supermoto Day at Latina this weekend.

The Sic Supermoto Day is an event organized to remember Marco Simoncelli.

The formula of the show is an interesting one: a team formed by a Supermoto rider and a MotoGP or SBK or Motocross specialist, will alternate in an endurance race lasting 58 laps.

Supermoto World Championship Vice-Champion Mauno Hermunen (TM) and Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati) won with a small 0.5 seconds lead over Matt Winstanley and Christian Iddon.

Valentino Rossi and Thierry van den Bosch finished 3rd and 30 seconds behind the Winstanley/Iddon team.

Max Biaggi and the Supermoto World Champion 2011 Adrien Chareyre finished in 8th place. Chareyre fought his way forward from 16th position to 2nd place. But Biaggi had no good feeling with the bike and struggled in the rain.

Results Sic Supermoto Day

1 Hermunen / Divizioso, 58 laps, 1:06:10,556

2 Winstanley / Iddon, 58 laps, 1:06:11,087

3 Van den Bosch / Rossi, 58 laps, 1:06:39,871

4 Verde Rosa / Antonelli, 58 laps, 1:06:57,253

5 Lazzarini / Pasini, 57 laps, 1:05:58,852

8 A. Chareyre / Biaggi, 57 laps, 1:06:52,236

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