Thomas Chareyre bounce back from his disappointment of the season opener to take control at the top of the S1GP standings with an emphatic display of riding here at Ottobiano today to not only win the GP but also take control of the World Championship as Marc Reiner Schmidt one again rode immaculately in S2 to extend his lead in the European Championship.


After securing pole position for the main race Thomas CHAREYRE wasted no time in putting it to good use in race one as he grabbed the holeshot and rode to a convincing victory, leading every one of the fourteen laps on offer. Behind him were equally impressive rides for Pavel KEJMAR and Lukas HOELLBACHER who raced to second and third positions respectively. Despite starting in fourth position, Andrea OCCHINI wasn’t able to hold off the challenge from Ivan LAZZARINI and the Honda rider eventually was able to ease by his fellow Italian at the halfway stage of the race where he would go on to claim fourth.
But it was a tough opening race though for Mauno HERMUNEN after suffering a poor start, he could only make one pass during the entire race to move from sixth to fifth, losing valuable points to Chareyre in the process.

S1GP Race 1 Top Ten:

1. Chareyre Thomas (FRA-TM) 21:04.399;

2. Kejmar Pavel (CZE-Husqvarna) 21:11.272;

3. Hoellbacher Lukas (AUT-Husqvarna) 21:13.008;

4. Lazzarini Ivan (ITA-Honda) 21:14.979;

5. Hermunen Mauno (FIN-TM) 21:19.494;

6. Occhini Andrea (ITA-Honda) 21:20.058;

7. Kingelin Asseri (FIN-Honda) 21:24.702;

8. Vermeulen Devon (NED-KTM) 21:25.272;

9. Ravaglia Christian (ITA-Honda) 21:36.993;

10. Sammartin Elia (ITA-TM) 21:38.180.

S1GP Race 2

After his disappointment in race one Mauno Hermunen was fired up for race two and his holeshot was the perfect way to get things started in race two. But the confidence of Thomas Chareyre was running at an all-time high and the Finn was displaced by the second lap after Hermunen made a small mistake which allowed Chareyere and Pavel Kejmar to sneak by.
As Hermunen tried to re-take second from Kejmar, the Czech rider made his own mistake and fell back to fourth behind Hermunen and Ivan Lazzarini and for the remaining second half of the race the top four positions remained unchanged. A late charge from Devon VERMEULEN saw him climb to fifth with less than a handful of laps to go. But the ride of the race belonged to Lukas HOELLBACHER who after falling on Lap one put in a strong performance to climb from fifteenth to take sixth with two laps to go in what can be safely described as damage limitation to his championship chances.
Thomas Chareyre stood victorious on the top step of the podium flanked by Pavel Kejmar and Mauno Hermunen and now leads the championship by two points from the Finn.

S1GP Race 2 Top Ten:

1. Chareyre Thomas (FRA-TM) 21:08.474;

2. Hermunen Mauno (FIN-TM) 21:17.874;

3. Lazzarini Ivan (ITA-Honda) 21: 26.537;

4. Kejmar Pavel (CZE-Husqvarna) 21:30.695;

5. Vermeulen Devon (NED-KTM) 21:35.755;

6. Hoellbacher Lukas (AUT-Husqvarna) 21:36.418;

7. Occhini Andrea (ITA-Honda) 21:40.950;

8. Sammartin Elia (ITA-TM) 21:43.711;

9. Monticelli Teo (ITA-Honda) 21:44.699;

10. Ravaglia Christian (ITA-Honda) 21:45.060.

S1GP Overall Top Ten:

1. Chareyre Thomas (FRA-TM) 50 p.;

2. Kejmar Pavel (CZE-Husqvarna) 40 p.;

3. Hermunen Mauno (FIN-TM) 38 points;

4. Lazzarini Ivan (ITA-Honda) 38 p.;

5. Hoellbacher Lukas (AUT-Husqvarna) 35 p.;

6. Vermeulen Devon (NED-KTM) 29 p.;

7. Occhini Andrea (ITA-Honda) 29 p.;

8. Sammartin Elia (ITA-TM) 24 p.;

9. Ravaglia Christian (ITA-Honda) 23 p.;

10. Kingelin Asseri (FIN-Honda) 21 p.

S1GP Championship Top Ten:

1. Chareyre Thomas (FRA-TM) 90 points;

2. Hermunen Mauno (FIN-TM) 88 p.;

3. Lazzarini Ivan (ITA-Honda) 78 p.;

4. Hoellbacher Lukas (AUT-Husqvarna) 75 p.;

5. Kejmar Pavel (CZE-Husqvarna) 69 p.;

6. Vermeulen Devon (NED-KTM) 54 p.;

7. Ravaglia Christian (ITA-Honda) 53 p.;

8. Kingelin Asseri (FIN-Honda) 49 p.;

9. Monticelli Teo (ITA-Honda) 48 p.;

10. Sammartin Elia (ITA-TM) 44 p.

S1GP Manufacturers:

1. TM 100 points;

2. Husqvarna 80 p.;

3. Honda 78 p.;

4. KTM 54 p.;

5. Suzuki 27 p.;

6. Yamaha 0 p


Before the start of the season you would have been hard pressed to pick a potential winner in S2, but after the first round of the European Championship in Spain, and after his dominant performance in timed training, there was no mistaking the intent of Marc REINER SCHMIDT who once again proved why he will be the man to beat in 2015. He took full advantage of his pole position to take the holeshot before pulling away from his rivals for his third race win of the season.

Behind him Yuri GUARDALA tried to keep the German in his sights but the pace was just too hot for the Italian who was happy to settle for second. Third belonged to Giovanni BUSSEI who’s pass on Fabrizio BARTOLINI saw him take his first moto podium in a long time.
With Bussei into third, Bartolini started to fade backwards and eventually dropped back to seventh after being overtaken by Diego MONTICELLI, Mattia MARTELLA and Petr VORLICEK who placed fourth, fifth and sixth respectively.

S2 Race 1 top ten:

1. Schmidt Marc Reiner (GER-TM) 21:29.424;

2. Guardalà Yuri (ITA-Honda) 21:46.140;

3. Bussei Giovanni (ITA-TM) 21:51.166;

4. Monticelli Diego (ITA-Honda) 21:57.691;

5. Martella Mattia (ITA-TM) 21:57.915;

6. Vorlicek Petr (CZE-Suzuki) 22:10.875;

7. Bartolini Fabrizio (ITA-Honda) 22:16.822;

8. Klem Toni (FIN-TM) 22:17.818;

9. Gimenez David (ESP-Suzuki) 22:23.009;

10. Ciaglia Luca (ITA-Honda) 22:24.047.

S2 Race 2

Race two was much of the same for the race one winner Marc REINER SCHMIDT. As he took off for an early lead he was soon almost ten seconds clear with ten laps to go, this time though it was Toni KLEM who tried to give chase to the German, but unfortunately for the FINN he found just as Guardala did in race one that it’s going to take something special to solve a problem like Reiner Schmidt. Klem would eventually settle for second after starting fifth in what was a good positive performance.

It was a tough second race for Yuri Guardala though and after starting in second the Italian made a mistake on Lap three and fell back third briefly and then fourth. Eventually he would find himself falling again to tenth, and on the final lap went missing altogether.
Mattia MARTELLA put in a solid performance and after starting seventh on lap one took just four laps to find third which is where he would remain until the end of the race. Vorlicek and Bussei rounded out the top five positions.
The overall victory belonged to Marc REINER SCHMIDT with Mattia Martella taking second ahead of Giovanni Bussei.

S2 Race 2 Top Ten:

1. Schmidt Marc Reiner (GER-TM) 22:46.043;

2. Klem Toni (FIN-TM) 23:00.934;

3. Martella Mattia (ITA-KTM) 23:12.114;

4. Vorlicek Petr (CZE-Suzuki) 23:12.504;

5. Bussei Giovanni (ITA-TM) 23:19.098;

6. Fagre Kevin (SWE-Husqvarna) 23:20.797;

7. Bartolini Fabrizio (ITA-Honda) 23:22.333;

8. Prestel Philipp (GER-KTM) 23:27.299;

9. Gimenez David (ESP-Suzuki) 23:34.702;

10. Lapini Lorenzo (ITA-Honda) 23:37.135.

S2 Overall Top Ten:

1. Schmidt Marc Reiner (GER-TM) 50 points;

2. Martella Mattia (ITA-TM) 36 p.;

3. Bussei Giovanni (ITA-TM) 36 p.;

4. Klem Toni (FIN-TM) 35 p.;

5. Vorlicek Petr (CZE-Suzuki) 33 p.;

6. Bartolini Fabrizio (ITA-Honda) 28 p.;

7. Monticelli Diego (ITA-Honda) 27 p.;

8. Gimenez David (ESP-Suzuki) 24 p.;

9. Prestel Philipp (GER-KTM) 22 p.;

10. Guardalà Yuri (ITA-Honda) 22.

S2 Championship Top Ten:

1. Schmidt Marc Reiner (GER-TM) 100 points;

2. Klem Toni (FIN-TM) 77 p.;

3. Martella Mattia (ITA-TM) 71 p.;

4. Bussei Giovanni (ITA-TM) 64 p.;

5. Monticelli Diego (ITA-Honda) 63 p.;

6. Bartolini Fabrizio (ITA-Honda) 60 p.;

7. Guardalà Yuri (ITA-Honda) 59 p.;

8. Gimenez David (ESP-Suzuki) 48 p.;

9. Llados Joan (ESP-Aprilia) 38 p.;

10. Ciaglia Luca (ITA-Honda) 35 p.

S2 Manufacturers:

1. TM 100 points;

2. Honda 76 p.;

3. KTM 57 p.;

4. Suzuki 57 p.;

5. Husqvarna 38 p.;

6. Aprilia 38 p.;

7. Yamaha 6 p.

Complete results available HERE


Circuit length: 1750 mt (1275 mt Asphalt, 475 mt Off-Road)

Temperature: 22°

Weather conditions: Cloudy

Crowd attendance: 3.500

The best moments of the second Grand Prix of the 2015 FIM Supermoto World Championship will be available across the board in high definition, and is also globally available to view on S1GP Channel on YouTube
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