Ivan Lazzarini, 11 times Italian Supermoto Champion, four-time World Champion and the first European rider in history to win the 2009 X Games Gold Medal presented his team L30 Racing last Saturday..

Ivan Lazzarini:
"We will enter in the World, Italian and in the European championship with ten riders, including myself. This is the natural continuation of my challenge, which began in 2013 when I founded my team L30 Racing, where L stands for Lazzarini while 30 is my race number. "

Click read more for the full list of L30 riders.

Finally Lazzarini, who will race in the World and Italian S1, presented one by one all his nine riders will race in the World, European and Italian:

Max Verderosa ( World S1)

Lorenzo Lapini (European S2)

Yuri GUARDALA (European S2)

Fredrik Eriksson (European S2)

Roberto Ponsicchi (Italian S2)

Lorenzo Papalini (Italian Under-24)

David Arcudi (Italian S2)

Nicola Pelizza ( Italian Street)

Giuseppe Alicino (Italian S2)

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