Under sunny skies and in front of a packed auditorium the final SMGP and SM2 European Championship did not disappoint as both Titles went right down to the wire, being decided in the final laps of the final races of the season.

Thomas Chareyere was crowned S1 World Champion for the third time on his Factory TM as Asseri Kingelin nervously held on to be crowned SM2 European champion on his Fast Wheels Aprilia.


After qualifying in third on Saturday Adrien Chareyre made the most of his front-row start position to claim a rare holeshot in this years championship campaign, and for the first two laps the Fast Wheels Aprilia rider kept the charging pack at bay.
But that all changed on lap three however when World Championship contender Mauno Hermunen made his move to the front with a neat pass in the off-road section and the SHR TM rider looked set to put some space between himself and his closest rival Thomas Chareyre, who was sat patiently in third behind bother Adrien.

For the next eleven laps Hermunen was unable to break away and with six laps to go was caught napping as Adrien Chareyre re-gained the lead, and stayed there until the end, effectively taking what could be three vital World Championship points from the Finn in the fight for the Title.
While the battle for the lead was going on, Thomas Charyere was more than happy to sit in third knowing that his fourteen point lead would only be cut by two points.

The battle for fourth was just as intense as the fight for the lead, and for thirteen laps Christian Ravaglia managed to contain the advances of Ivan Lazzarini, but with six laps to go, the same time that Adrien Chareyre regained the lead, the Honda Assomotor rider found himself being pushed back into fifth as the L30 Racing Honda of ‘Lazza’ moved into fourth.

Pavel Kejmar was also involved in the battle for fourth early on in the race but the 833 Racing Team Husqvarna was forced to retire early with a technical problem.
Fifth position in the race eventually went to BRT Suzuki’s Andrea Occhini, after seeing off the challenge from Angel Karanyatov; the Team Bulgaria TM rider eventually crashing out.

S1 Race 1 Top Ten:

1. CHAREYRE Adrien (FRA Aprilia) 19:48.485;

2. HERMUNEN Mauno (FIN-TM) 19:51.133;

3. CHAREYRE Thomas (FRA-TM) 19:52.267;

4. LAZZARINI Ivan (ITA-Honda) 19:53.862;

5. RAVAGLIA Christian (ITA-Honda) 20:07.590;

6. OCCHINI Andrea (ITA-Suzuki) 20:22.552;

7. KARANYOTOV Angel (BUL-TM) 19:51.307;

8. PALS Prants (EST-TM) 20:10.661;

9. PALS Patrick (EST-TM) 20:40.164;

10. KEJMAR Pavel (CZE-Husqvarna) 04:16.609.

S1 Race 2

There were a few tense moments prior to the start of race two as the S1 World Championship was about to be decided in the final race of the season. And you would rather be in Thomas Chareyre’s shoes as opposed to Hermunen’s; the Frenchman sitting pretty with a handsome twelve point margin over his Finnish rival.

When the lights went out it was Adrien Chareyre who did his best to ‘help’ his brother out by snatching the final holeshot of the year from Hermunen. And just as he did in race one, the Finn wasted no time in finding his way to the front and on lap two Hermunen was the new race leader.

Ivan Lazzarini was in third with Thomas Chareyre in fourth with Angel Karanyatov fifth.
Unlike race one, Adrien Chareyre was unable to find his way back past Hermunen, and when the Finn crossed the line as the race winner, he knew that with ‘TC4’ crossing the line in fourth it would be the Frenchman who would be celebrating his third FIM Supermoto World Championship victory, winning by a handful of points.

As for the overall, Hermunen took the GP victory, which was of little or no consolation, sharing the points with Adrien Chareyre while Lazzarini finished his season with third overall, thus cementing his third place overall in the S1 World Championship standings.

S1 Race 2 top ten:

1. HERMUNEN Mauno (FIN-SHR TM) 19:48.642;

2. CHAREYRE Adrien (FRA-Fast Wheels Aprilia) 19:51.152;

3. LAZZARINI Ivan (ITA-L30 Racing Honda) 20:00.685;

4. CHAREYRE Thomas (FRA-TM Racing Factory) 20:10.516;

5. KARANYOTOV Angel (BUL-Team Bulgaria TM) 20:24.304;

6. OCCHINI Andrea (ITA-BRT Suzuki) 20:31.560;

7. KEJMAR Pavel (CZE-833 Racing Team Husqvarna) 20:54.963;

8. PALS Prants (EST-TM) 19:57.213;

9. PALS Patrick (EST-TM) 20:01.139;

10. RAVAGLIA Christian (ITA-Honda Racing Assomotor) Honda 20:46.751.

S1 Overall top ten:

1. HERMUNEN Mauno (FIN-SHR TM) points 47; 

2. CHAREYRE Adrien (FRA-Fast Wheels Aprilia) p. 47;

3. LAZZARINI Ivan (ITA-L30 Racing Honda) p. 38;

4. CHAREYRE Thomas (FRA-TM Racing Factory) p. 38;

5. KARANYOTOV Angel (BUL-Team Bulgaria TM) p. 30;

6. OCCHINI Andrea (ITA-BRT Suzuki) p. 30;

7. RAVAGLIA Christian (ITA-Honda Racing Assomotor) p. 27;

8. PALS Prants (EST-TM) p. 26;

9. KEJMAR Pavel (CZE-833 Racing Team Husqvarna) p. 25;

10. PALS Patrick (EST-TM) p. 24.

S1 Championship Top Ten:

1. CHAREYRE Thomas (FRA) points 309;

2. HERMUNEN Mauno (FIN) p. 304;

3. LAZZARINI Ivan (ITA) p. 273;

4. CHAREYRE Adrien (FRA) p. 262;

5. KEJMAR Pavel (CZE) p. 203;

6. RAVAGLIA Christian (ITA) p. 196;

7. KARANYOTOV Angel (BUL) p. 191; 

8. VORLICEK Petr (CZE) p. 114;

9. TRAVNICEK Tomas (CZE) p. 109;

10. OCCHINI Andrea (ITA) p. 101.

S1 Manufacturers:

1. TM points 344;

2. Honda p. 283;

3. Aprilia p. 262;

4. Husqvarna p. 211;

5. Yamaha p. 159;

6. Suzuki p. 101;

7. KTM p. 89.


In the race to be crowned SM2 European Champion, points leader Asseri Kingelin couldn’t have come to a tougher place than Jesolo, the home track of his closest rival Fabrizio Bartolini.
When the lights went out to signal the start of race one it was Toni Klem who blasted his KTM MTR machine from ‘pole’ to snatch the holehsot. But not for long as Bartolini forced his Assomotor Honda right where Klem did not need it to be, and after a bit of bar banging, the Italian found himself leading the race on lap one, holding on to the lead for the entire race.

Toni Klem though found himself in an intense battle with ‘wildcard’ rider Uros Nastran, and with two laps to go the Slovenian’s persistence finally paid off and the TDS TM rider moved from third to second, a position he would not relinquish.

The battle for fourth was between Yuri Guardala and Asseri Kingelin and the Italian seemed to have done enough to take fourth until the final lap, when the IFG Gazza Racing Honda rider found himself getting ‘involved’ in an incident with Klem in the off-road section after the Finn made a mistake. With Guardala being dropped to 7th, Kingelin was thankful for the ‘gift’ of two more championship points; points that the Fast Wheels Aprilia rider might need after a nervous showing in race one.

Milan Sitniansky rounded out the top five on his Tuningmotorsport TM.

SM2 Race 1 top ten:

1. BARTOLINI Fabrizio (ITA-Assomotor Honda) 20:01.122;

2. NASTRAN Uros (SLO-TDS TM Team) 20:01.534;

3. KLEM Toni (FIN-KTM MTR Team) 20:12.689;

4. KINGELIN Asseri (FIN-Fast Wheels Aprilia) 20:19.653;

5. SITNIANSKY Milan (CZE-Tuningmotorsport TM) 20:23.563;

6. BUSCHBERGER Andreas (AUT-KTM) 20:35.031;

7. GUARDALA' Yuri (ITA-IFG Gazza Racing Honda) 20:46.090;

8. JAROS Zdenek (CZE- 833 Racing Team KTM) 20:49.953;

9. LAPINI Lorenzo (ITA-L30 Racing Honda) 20:53.350;

10. FAGRE Kevin (SWE-Team TM Racing Sweden TM) 20:53.539.

SM2 Race 2


There’s an old English proverb that goes like this: ‘once bitten, twice shy!’ which basically means you learn from your mistakes, and that’s exactly what Toni Klem did in race two after pulling another holeshot, only this time he managed to hold on to it for more than a few metres. And just like Bartolini did in race one the Finn remained there until the final chequered flag of the season, taking the overall round victory as well.

Behind him though, the battle for the SM2 title was at stake and for the first seventeen laps it was Fabrizio Bartolini in second that looked the more calm and collected of the two Championship contenders, as Kingelin circulated in fifth.

With two laps to go however, Uros Nastran, who’d ridden brilliantly all weekend long, showed no allegiance to either title contender and with two laps to go passed Bartolini to steal second and two vital championship points from the Italian. With Kingelin looking nervous in fifth, Bartolini really needed to win the final race of the year and in the end his third position was not enough to be crowned SM2 European Champion, losing out to Kingelin who just about managed a big sigh of relief when he crossed the line as the 2014 SM2 European Champion.

SM2 Race 2 top ten:

1. KLEM Toni (FIN-KTM MTR Team) 20:01.322;

2. NASTRAN Uros (SLO-TDS TM Team) 20:03.337;

3. BARTOLINI Fabrizio (ITA-Assomotor Honda) 20:04.788;

4. GUARDALA' Yuri (ITA-IFG Gazza Racing Honda) 20:06.533;

5. KINGELIN Asseri (FIN-Fast Wheels Aprilia) 20:08.507;

6. GASPARDONE Paolo (ITA-IFG Gazza Racing Honda) 20:09.521;

7. SITNIANSKY Milan (CZE-Tuningmotorsport TM) 20:16.569;

8. BUSCHBERGER Andreas (AUT-KTM) 20:18.059;

9. JAROS Zdenek (CZE-833 Racing Team KTM) 20:49.885;

10. LAPINI Lorenzo (ITA-L30 Racing Honda) 20:50.824.

SM2 Overall top ten:

1. KLEM Toni (FIN-KTM MTR Team) points 45;

2. BARTOLINI Fabrizio (ITA FMI Assomotor Honda) p. 45;

3. NASTRAN Uros (SLO-TDS TM Team) p. 44;

4. KINGELIN Asseri (FIN-Fast Wheels Aprilia) p. 34;

5. GUARDALA' Yuri (ITA-IFG Gazza Racing Honda) p. 32;

6. SITNIANSKY Milan (CZE-Tuningmotorsport TM) p. 30;

7. BUSCHBERGER Andreas (AUT-KTM) p. 28;

8. JAROS Zdenek (CZE-833 Racing Team KTM) p. 25;

9. GASPARDONE Paolo (ITA-IFG Gazza Racing Honda) p. 23;

10. LAPINI Lorenzo (ITA-L30 Racing Honda) p. 23.

SM2 Championship Top Ten:

1. KINGELIN Asseri (FIN) points 277;

2. BARTOLINI Fabrizio (ITA) p. 275;

3. KLEM Toni (FIN) p. 274;

4. SITNIANSKY Milan (CZE) p. 225;

5. GUARDALA' Yuri (ITA) p. 219;

6. JAROS Zdenek (CZE) p. 139;

7. VERMEULEN Devon (NED) p. 138;

8. LAPINI Lorenzo (ITA) p. 136;

9. FAGRE Kevin (SWE) p. 130;

10. BUSSEI Giovanni (ITA) p. 106.

SM2 Manufacturers:

1. TM points 300;

2. Honda p. 298;

3. KTM p. 278;

4. Aprilia p. 277;

5. Husqvarna p. 88;

6. Yamaha p. 58;

7. Suzuki p. 36;

8. Vertemati 5.

Complete results available HERE


Circuit length:  1155 mt (1005 mt Asphalt, 150 mt Off-Road)

Temperature: 25°

Weather conditions: Sunny

Crowd attendance: 5.200

The SMGP of Jesolo will receive  delayed coverage worldwide via TV networks RaiSport in Italy, Mtv3 in Finland, Ceska Televitze in Czech Republic, Motors Tv in Europe, France and UK, Sport Tv in Portugal and Africa, BNT in Bulgaria, Fox Sport in Australia, New Zeland, Asia, South America and Brazil, Band Sports in Brazil and Mav Tv in USA.
The best moments of the seventh and last Grand Prix of the 2014 FIM Supermoto World Championship will be available across the board in high definition, and is also globally available to view on S1GP Channel on YouTube                                                                    
Click HERE for the complete list of countries and cooperating broadcasting networks, viewing times can be viewed by clicking on the logo of your chosen broadcasting network.

Photos of the whole Grand Prix are available HERE

Next SMGP : Save the date for the most thrilling event of the year, the FIM Supermoto of Nations held on 11st and 12nd October in Cremona, Italy.

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