Photo by Luc1 / S. Bernard

The French Supermoto Championship returned to the scenic track of Alpe D'Huez for the 15th time.

Five time French Champion Sylvain Bidart was once again the man to beat. He took the pole and won the first race. Behind him followed Aurélien Grelier and David Baffeleuf (Honda) who took the third position. 

In the second race, Sylvain Bidart immediately took control and quickly expanded the gap on his opponents, the two Yamaha riders Eddy Petard and Waren Bougard. Aurélien Grelier had a bad race with an eighth place finish.

Sylvain Bidart grabbed the overall in front of Eddy Petard and Aurelien Grelier. David Baffeleuf and Stephane Blot completed the top five. 

In the Championship ranking, Sylvain Bidart made a spectacular comeback to the second position, after he skipped a French round for a World Supermoto round. Eddy Petard holds the lead for now, while Waren Bougard sits in third.

Overall S1

1. Sylvain Bidart Honda 
2. Eddy Petard Yamaha 
3. Aurélier GRELIER Yamaha 
4. David Baffeleuf Honda 
5. Stephane Blot Yamaha 

S1 Championship ranking 

1. Eddy Petard Yamaha 226  
2. Sylvain Bidart Honda 212 
3. Waren Bougard Yamaha 204 
4. Stephane Blot Yamaha 200 
5. David Baffeleuf Honda 178 

Full results

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