SuperMotoEastCoast has done it again with another successful event. Round 2 of the SMEC Pro/Am Championship Series at The FIRM (Starke, FL) brought out some great action from all classes.

The SMEC1 Pro 450 class was a burner – moto 1 was a three way battle between the #77 Eric Stump (Hon), #69 Robby Bobby McClendon (KTM) and #72 Miles Thornton (KTM), Stump and McClendon were fighting for the same piece of real estate out of the dirt section in the last lap putting both riders down, allowing Thornton to capitalize and take the Moto1 win, Stump was able to remount and take 2nd followed by #3 Ryan Yearwood (Yam) for 3rd postion.

Moto2 action was just as hot, with McClendon unable to start in moto 2 the action was between the top 3. Stump charged hard and took the lead for most of the race, Thornton and Yearwood giving chase and finishing in that order. 1st Overall Eric Stump, 2nd Miles Thornton and 3rd Ryan Yearwood.

The SMEC2 groups were laying it down all day. SMEC2 450, #942 Randy Wilbur (Hon) lead until the checker, followed by #73 Robert Burns (KTM) and #627b Matt Fuller (Yam). SMEC2 OPEN put #642 Mike Davis (Hon) on the top of the box, followed by #27 Nuno Monteiro (Yam) and #33 Mike Hider (Hon).

The SMEC Asphalt Cup, had some intense racing all day, with the final putting spectators on ther toes. Ultimately Venezualan rider #22 Juan Torres (Kaw) took the 1st place spot, followed by #344 Rich Sydney (Hon) and #26 Shawn Basset (KTM).

The Youth Cup final introduced the future stars to the spectators, with wheel to wheel battling between 1st place William Monteiro (KTM) and 2nd Place Blake Davis (KTM) and the boys weren’t having all the fun 3rd Place Alexis Hider (Honda) and 4th Place Renee Franco (Kaw) put in great rides.


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