It was only three days since the Czech Grand Prix was celebrated in Sosnovà but FIM Supermoto World Championship is already travelling to the north of Europe to celebrate the fourth Grand Prix.

It will the first time that Estonia host a Supermoto Grand Prix and during this week-end it will also take place the fourth Round of European Supermoto Championship.

Follow the Live timing of the GP of Estonia here

The circuit of Kuresasare is built on Kuressaare Airfield and is a temporary racetrack, but the quality of the asphalt is considered to be one of the best in Estonia, and since 2007 the circuit has hosted both international road racing and supermoto competition. The racetrack is three km from Kuressaare, the capital of Saaremaa, Estonia´s largest island. The beautiful and peaceful garden city is located at the Livonia Bay , popular seaside resort with many attractions.


This week-end will be very special for Shr TM Mauno Hermunen who will race Estonia after left Czech Republic with three victories in a row and he recently admitted that a lot of fans will come from nearby Finland to support him in this Estonia Grand Prix to get closer to the first FIM Supermoto Word Champion Title.

TM Racing Factory Team Thomas Chareyre injured his metacarpus in race two in Czech Republic but his training routine is normal and he will focus to win his first Gran Prix of the season.

At the moment L30 Racing HONDA Ivan Lazzarini keep the third position in S1 Standings and he feels more confident than ever to finish on the podium at all Grand Prix.

Luc1 Owatrol HONDA Sylvan Bydart who is just four points behind Lazzarini will do his best to clinch good start this week-end and race for a top three finish.

Completing the top five Fast Wheels APRILIA Adrien Chareyre who will travel to Kurressare with one stitch on his chin after the crash he had in Sosnovà but he is determined to race for another podium finish and get closer to his compatriot Bydart in the Championship Standings.

TM Shr Petr Vorlicek had one of his best week-end of the season at Sosonovà with an overall sixth result, so this week-end he will be giving all to enter the top five.

Only Motor HONDA Christian Ravaglia is currently seventh in the Overall Standings with 72 points, followed by the countryman Brt SUZUKI Andrea Occhini who is only two points behind him.

Hardbike Racing TM Travincek enjoyed a good debut in S1 class finishing ninth ahead Team Blot YAMAHA Grelier who complete the current top ten of the Overall Standings.

Home riders for this week-end will be Pals’ brother who will do their best on their country soil to fight with the Supermoto Top Riders.


KTM Mtr Vermeulen missed the overall victory last week-end but he his still leading the points standings.

SHR TM Mitchell Thomas has started this season more motivated than ever, as it is the third year for him in SHR team and he feels more confident than ever to grab the Red Plate as only one point separates himself from Vermeulen.

Third position is currently for TDS Honda Kingelin who finished in the second step of the podium last week-end and will do his best to improve his third position and win his first GP of the season.

SUZUKI Lux Performance Guerin is fourth at the moment but he knows that he can be fighting this week-end for the trophy.

YAMAHA Extream Team Borella Edgardo close the top five, for the Italian rider it will be the first time to race in Kuressarre, as well as for most of the riders, so anything can be expected this week-end.


Saturday: S1GP Free Practice1 11.00; ES2 Free Practice1 11.40; S1GP Free Practice2 14.00; ES2 Free Practice2 14.40; S1GP Time Practice 16.10; ES2 Time Practice 17.00.

Sunday: ES2 Warm Up 10.00; S1GP Warm Up 10.30; ES2 Race1 12.00; S1GP Race 1 14.00; ES2 Race2 15.20; ES2 Prize-giving Ceremony;S1GP Race2 16.20; S1GP Prize-giving Ceremony

In the photo:Aerial picture of Kurressare

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