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Aurelien Grelier and Sylvain Bidart have been battling all season long in the French Supermoto Championship. Most of the time Bidart finishes in front but last weekend it was Grelier who won the battle.

Team Blot rider Grelier won both races at Loheac while Bidart finished 2nd in race 1 and came back to 4th after a crash in race 2. Stephane Blot takes 3rd overall.

Because Grelier and Bidart skipped the last French round to race the World Supermoto GP of Europe. Waren Bougard now has the lead in the standings and is tied with Eddy Petard. The "Professor" Blot follows in third position.

Overall classification - Prestige

2 Sylvain Bidart HONDA
3 Stephane Blot YAMAHA
4 Waren Bougard YAMAHA
5 Eddy Petard YAMAHA

Championship  standings - Prestige

1 Waren Bougard YAMAHA 168 pts
2 Eddy Petard YAMAHA 168
3 Stephane Blot YAMAHA 152
4 Sylvain Bidart HONDA 137
5 David Baffeleuf HONDA 127

S2 class (250cc)

Nothing and no one seems able to stop Adrien Goguet (Yamaha) winning the title in the S2 class. 2nd overall was Jean-Charles Decabooter (4-2-2). Honda rider Frank Giroud (3-4-3) grabbed 3rd overall and advanced to the 2nd position in the championship.

Overall classification  - S2

1 Adrien Goguet YAMAHA
2 Jean-Charles Decabooter YAMAHA
3 Franck Giroud HONDA
4 Till De Clercq YAMAHA
5 Eddy Pasco TM

Championship  standings - S2

1 Adrien Goguet YAMAHA 222 pts
2 Franck Giroud HONDA 180
3 Till De Clercq YAMAHA 174
4 Jean-Charles Decabooter YAMAHA 171
5 Alexandre Couderc HONDA 140

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