The brand new circuit of Lignières has witnessed exciting and hard-fought races, with one rider prevailing against the others: the Czech Petr Vorlicek (Honda Team SHR) who wins this round of the S2 European Championship and the title of European Champion 2012 as well, with one round to go.

Vorlicek has won the three races of the round by leading the group from the first lap until the last one in every race, leaving the other riders to battle for the best positions behind him.

Second position for the Round of Switzerland is for the Dutchman Devon Vermeulen (KTM Motoracing), who arrived once third and twice second in the three races of today.

Third position for the Finnish Sami Salstola (Honda SHR), with his two third positions as best results, behind him the Italian Mattia Martella (Ktm Motoracing), who has finished three times fourth today.
Then James Addy (GBR-Honda), Andrea Moschini (ITA-Kawasaki Ignorant Racing Team), Marcel Van Drunen (NED-Yamaha), Diego Monticelli (ITA-Honda Freccia), Edgardo Borella (Yamaha Extreme Team) about whom Vorlicek could have been worried if it wasn't for the puncture that stopped him in the second race.

S2 1st RACE: The Czech Petr Vorlicek (Honda SHR), undisputed leader of the Championship, takes the leading of the group. Behind him - in order - the Italian Edgardo Borella (Yamaha Extreme Team), the Dutchman Devon Vermeulen (Ktm Motoracing), the Italian Mattia Martella (Ktm Motoracing), the Dutchman Marcel Van Drunen (Yamaha), the Finnish Sami Salstola (Honda SHR), the Italian Andrea Moschini (Kawasaki Ignorant Racing Team). After the pole position gained yesterday, Vorlicek is determined to win and this is exactly what he does after 15 laps being the race leader and with almost three minutes ahead. Behind him - in order - Borella, Vermeulen, Martella, Salstola, Moschini, Van Drunen, Chris Hodgson (GBR-Ktm), James Addy (GBR-Honda) e Jan Deitenbach (GER-Suzuki).

S2 2nd RACE: The Czech Vorlicek (Honda SHR) is the fastest again and takes the lead of this second race leaving Edgardo Borella (Yamaha Extreme Team), Andrea Moschini (Kawasaki Ignorant Racing Team), Sami Salstola (Honda SHR), Devon Vermeulen (Ktm Motoracing), Mattia Martella (Ktm Motoracing), Marcel Van Drunen (Yamaha), Jan Deitenbach (GER-Suzuki), Chris Hodgson (Ktm), James Addy (Honda) behind him. Borella is then unfortunately forced to withdraw from the race due to a puncture. The standard bearer of Honda Team SHR speeds up and ends his race only after 15 laps when he sees the checkered flag waving in front of him.

S2 3rd RACE: Vorlicek leaves no possibilities to the other riders and demonstrates his determination to win by taking the leading position once more, in the third and last race of this exciting GP of Switzerland. After him - in order - Vermeulen, Salstola, Addy, Martella, Moschini, Monticelli, Van Drunen and then Wauters, O'Leary, Borella. The Czech remains the leader of the group and it seems that nothing and nobody can stop him but the checkered flag which waves after 15 laps declaring his third victory of today. Great celebrations for Vorlicek today, as he gains not only the fifteenth partial victory but most of all he wins the title as Supermoto European Champion 2012, which is his second european title for the Supermoto after the one in the Open 2007. Behind Vorlicek - in order for this third race - Vermeulen, Salstola, Martella, Addy, Monticelli, Borella, Van Drunen, Moschini and Deitenbach

S2 Championship Classification (Top Ten): 1. Vorlicek Petr (CZE) pts 362; 2. Vermeulen Devon (NED) 264; 3. Salstola Sami (FIN) 254; 4. Martella Mattia (ITA) 216; 5. Borella Edgardo (ITA) 202; 6. Monticelli Diego (ITA) 194; 7. Addy James (GBR) 153; 8. Moschini Andrea (ITA) 133; 9. Hodgson Chris (GBR) 126; 10. Deitenbach Jan (GER) 123.

S2 Overall Classification (Top Ten): 1. Vorlicek Petr (CZE-Honda) pts 75; 2. Vermeulen Devon (NED-KTM) 64; 3. Salstola Sami (FIN-Honda) 56; 4. Martella Mattia (ITA-KTM) 54; 5. Addy James (GBR-Honda) 43; 6. Moschini Andrea (ITA-Kawasaki) 43; 7. Van Drunen Marcel (NED-Yamaha) 40; 8. Monticelli Diego (ITA-Honda) 37; 9. Borella Edgardo (ITA-Yamaha) 36; 10. Deitenbach Jan (GER-Suzuki) 32.

S2 Manufacturers Classification: 1. Honda pts 364; 2. KTM 313; 3. Yamaha 215; 4. Suzuki 139; 5. TM 133; 6. Kawasaki 133; 7. Aprilia 54

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Circuit length: 1650 mt (1230 mt asphalt, 420 mt offraod)

Temperature: 30°

Weather condition: sunny

Crowd attendance: 4.200

As the whole 2012 UEM Supermoto European Championship this Round will be broadcasted delayed, click HERE to see the full schedule and coverage online.

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Next Round: Carole, France during the 23rd September weekend.

In the photo: 2012 S2 European Champion, P. Vorlicek


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