In this beautiful and sunny weekend the fifth GP of FIM Supermoto World Championship was held in Switzerland.

On the circuit of Lignières Mauno Hermunen(SHR TM) won all three races and the GP of Switzerland.

The Finnish Hermunen wins all the three races for the first time, thus decreasing the points gap with the Championship leader, the French Thomas Chareyre (TM Factory Racing), who for the first time in this Championship didn't win a race this weekend and ends the three races with two second positions and one third position, scoring the second position overall. Third position on the podium is for his brother Adrien Chareyre, who finished third twice and once second aboard his Aprilia.

Good positions for the Italians Ivan Lazzarini (HM Honda Racing) and Christian Ravaglia (Ktm Team Miglio) who had to fight hard with the Czech Pavel Kejmar (Ktm Bauerschmidt). For the top ten of the GP of Switzerland we have then the Italian Teo Monticelli (Honda Freccia Team), the Swiss Philippe Dupasquier (Ktm), the Italian Fabrizio Bartolini (HM Honda Racing) and the British Matthew Winstanley (TM SHR Team).


S1 1st RACE: At the start of the first race today is Mauno Hermunen (TM SHR) who takes the holeshot. Behind him the French leader of standings Chareyre (TM Factory Racing) who arrives before his brother Adrien (Aprilia Fast Wheels), the defending World Champion. After them the Czech Pavel Kejmar (Ktm Bauerschmidt), the Italian - new national Champion - Ivan Lazzarini (HM Honda Racing), the Swiss Philippe Dupasquier (Ktm), the Italians Teo Monticelli (Honda Freccia) and Massimiliano Verderosa (Honda HBV), the British Matthew Winstanley (TM SHR), the Italian Andrea Occhini (Honda Red Foxes). Hermunen is the first past the post before - in order for the top ten - Thomas and Adrien Chareyre, Kejmar, Lazzarini, Dupasquier, Monticelli, Winstanley, Verderosa and the Italian of the Team Miglio, Christian Ravaglia (Ktm). Andrea Occhini falls after a contact with Max Verderosa.

S1 2nd RACE: A hard fight is taking place today, with the top positions of the standings trying to gain the World title that could be even declared today. Best start for Hermunen also in this race, who takes the leading positions leaving behind him Adrien (Aprilia Fast Wheels) and Thomas Chareyre (TM Factory Racing) whose start is not good due to the change of the moto he asked claiming it was too slow in the first race. After them Ivan Lazzarini (HM Honda Racing), Pavel Kejmar (Ktm Bauerschmidt), Christian Ravaglia (Ktm Miglio), Max Verderosa (Honda HBV), Philippe Dupasquier (Ktm), Elia Sammartin (Suzuki Racing Team Pergetti), Fabrizio Bartolini (HM Honda Racing). The Finnish is determined to win and nobody can cross him, so he remains the leader of the race until the end when the checkered flag declares him winner for the second time today, another great victory for him and for the Team SHR. Behind him the two Chareyre brothers fight for the best positioning, but Thomas succeeds in arriving second before Adrien. Fourth position for Ivan Lazzarini who is again among the best riders of the race. After them Kejmar, Ravaglia and Teo Monticelli. For the top ten follow Max Verderosa, Philippe Dupasquier and Fabrizio Bartolini. Sammartin falls in the off road part.

S1 3rd RACE: In the last race of the day is the defending World Champion, the French Adrien Chareyre (Aprilia Fast Wheels) who takes the leading position, right behind him Mauno Hermunen (TM SHR), Thomas Chareyre (TM Factory Racing), Ivan Lazzarini (HM Honda Racing), Christian Ravaglia (Ktm Team Miglio), Pavel Kejmar (Ktm Bauerschmidt), Fabrizio Bartolini (HM Honda Racing), Philippe Dupasquier (Ktm), Matthew Winstanley (TM SHR), Teo Monticelli (Honda Freccia). The three riders leading the race are determined to change their order and at the fifth lap Hermunen speeds up and crosses Adrien Chareyre thus becoming the leader of the race. Hermunen seems determined not to leave any other possibilities to the Chareyre brothers to gain the 2012 title and wins this third race and - for the first time this year - all the three races of the GP. An important result for Hermunen, who arrives before Thomas Chareyre and Adrien Chareyre. For the top ten of the third race we have then Ivan Lazzarini, Pavel Kejmar, Christian Ravaglia, Matthew Winstanley, Andrea Occhini, Fabrizio Bartolini and Teo Monticelli.

S1 Overall Classification (Top Ten):

1. Hermunen Mauno (FIN-TM) pts 75;

2. Chareyre Thomas (FRA-TM) 64;

3. Chareyre Adrien (FRA-Aprilia) 62;

4. Lazzarini Ivan (ITA-Honda) 52;

5. Kejmar Pavel (CZE-KTM) 50;

6. Ravaglia Christian (ITA-KTM) 41;

7. Monticelli Teo (ITA-Honda) 39;

8. Dupasquier Philippe (SUI-KTM) 37;

9. Bartolini Fabrizio (ITA-Honda) 32;

10. Winstanley Matthew (GBR-TM) 28.

S1 Championship Classification (Top Ten):

1. Chareyre Thomas (FRA) pts 336;

2. 131 Hermunen Mauno (FIN) 316;

3. Chareyre Adrien (FRA) 276;

4. Lazzarini Ivan (ITA) 274;

5. Ravaglia Christian (ITA) 217;

6. Winstanley Matthew (GBR) 176;

7. Kejmar Pavel (CZE) 157;

8. Sammartin Elia (ITA) 155;

9. Verderosa Max (ITA) 146;

10. Monticelli Teo (ITA) 144.

S1 Manufacturers Classification:

1. TM pts 375;

2. Aprilia 276;

3. Honda 275;

4. KTM 248;

5. Suzuki 182;

6. Kawasaki 121; 7. Yamaha 58.

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Circuit length: 1650 mt (1230 mt asphalt, 420 mt offraod)

Temperature: 30°

Weather conditions: sunny

Crowd attendance: 4.200

As the whole 2012 FIM Supermoto World Championship this GP will be broadcasted delayed,click HERE to see the full schedule and coverage online

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