At the end, the winner is the Czech Petr Vorlicek, who, aboard his Honda (Team SHR), has won all the three races of today, just like he did in Sicily in the second round. Vorlicek has now 87 points advantage over the Dutchman Devon Vermeulen. Second position for the Austrian Lukas Hollbacher (Ktm), who has arrived once second and twice third in the final races.
Third position on the podium for the Finnish Sami Salstola (Honda Team SHR), arrived once fifth and twice second in the final races.
After them, for the top five, Devon Vermeulen (NED-KTM) and Edgardo Borella (Yamaha-ITA).

S2 1st RACE: The Czech Petr Vorlicek (Honda-Team SHR) takes the leading of the race just from the beginning, followed by Lukas Hollbacher (Ktm), Devon Vermeulen (Ktm Motoracing), Andrea Moschini (Kawasaki), Mitchell-Thomas Malachi (Honda SHR), Edgardo Borella (Yamaha Extreme Team), Sami Salstola (Honda SHR), Diego Monticelli (Honda Freccia), Lorenzo Lapini (Honda Lola Team), James Addy(Honda). Petr Vorlicek feels comfortable on this circuit and keeps his leading position for all the 20 laps until the checkered flag. After him Hollbacher, Vermeulen, Borella, Salstola, Malachi, Deitenbach, Moschini, Martella, Monticelli.

S2 2nd RACE: Vorlicek takes the holeshot, after him the Austrian Hollbacher (Ktm), the Italian Edgardo Borella (Yamaha), the Finnish Sami Salstola (Honda), then Devon Vermeulen (Ktm), Andrea Moschini (Kawasaki), Marco Dondi (TM), Mattia Martella (Ktm), Mitchell-Thomas (Honda) and Addy (Honda). Leader of the race for 20 laps, Vorlicek leaves no possibilities to his rivals and is the first to see the checkered flag, before Salstola, Hollbacher, Vermeulen, Martella, Borella, Hodgson, Lapini, Addy, O'Leary.

S2 3rd RACE: Another race dominated by the Czech rider Petr Vorlicek with his Honda SHR. In the leading position from the beginning, Vorlicek is followed by his team mate Sami Salstola (Honda SHR), then by the British Chris Hodgson (Ktm Skyzone Racing Team), the Austrian Hollbacher (Ktm), the Dutchman Vermeulen (Ktm Motoracing), the British Addy (Honda), the Italian Dondi (TM Factory Racing), the Turkish Nurcan (Ktm Motoracing), the Spanish Llados (Aprilia Fast Wheels). Vorlicek runs towards his third victory of the day, becoming winner of the GP of Croatia and increasing his scores in the classifications, with only two rounds left before the end of the 2012 Championship. After Vorlicek - in order for the top ten - Salstola, Höllbacher, Vermeulen, Dondi, Borella, Addy, Hodgson, Monticelli, Lapini.


S2 Championship Classification (Top Ten):

.1. Petr Vorlicek (CZE-Honda) pts 287;

2. Devon Vermeulen (NED-KTM) 200;

3. Sami Salstola (FIN–Honda) 198;

4. Edgardo Borella (ITA-Yamaha) 166;

5. Mattia Martella (ITA-Ktm) 162;

6. Diego Monticelli (ITA-Honda) 157;

7. James Addy (GBR-Ktm) 110;

8. Lukas Hollbacher (AUT-Ktm) 108;

9. Mitchell-Thomas Malachi (GBR-Honda) 106;

10. Chris Hodgson (GBR-Ktm) 105.


S2 Overall Classification (Top Ten):

1. Petr Vorlicek (CZE-Honda) pts 75 ;

2. Lukas Hollbacher (AUT-Ktm) 62;

3. Sami Salstola (FIN-Honda) 60;

4. Devon Vermeulen (NED-KTM) 56;

5. Edgardo Borella (Yamaha-ITA) 48;

6. James Addy (GBR-KTM) 35;

7. Mattia Martella (ITA-KTM) 35;

8. Lorenzo Lapini (ITA-Honda) 34;

9. Diego Monticelli (ITA-Honda) 32;

10. Chris Hodgson (GBR-Ktm) 30.


S2 Manufacturers Classification:

1. Honda pts 289;

2. KTM 249;

3. Yamaha 166;

4. TM 108;

5. Suzuki 107;

6. Kawasaki 90;

7. Aprilia 43.

Complete results available at


Circuit length: 1376 mt (1056 mt asphalt, 320 mt offraod)

Temperature: 36°

Weather condition: sunny

Crowd attendance: 5.000

As the whole 2012 UEM Supermoto European Championship this Round will be broadcasted delayed, click HERE to see the full schedule and coverage online.

Photo available at

Next round: Lignieres, Switzerland during the 19 August weekend.

In the photo: P.Vorlicek and M. Mitchell Thomas


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