Italian Championship leader Teo MONTICELLI (Yamaha Aldebaran) was not riding due to injury during testing. The overall winner of the day was the World Champion Thomas Chareyre (TM Factory). In second place Marc Reiner-Schmidt (SWM Team BRT) who grabbed the podium thanks to two excellent overtakings ona tough Pavel Kejmar (TM - Degasoline). In fourth place finishes Edgardo Borella (SWM Team BRT) and German Markus Class(Husqvarna) closes the Top5. Marc Reiner-Schmidt grabs the Red Plate with 84 points, followed by Andrea Occhini(Honda Red Moto L30 Racing) with 65pt., he didn't have a good result due to severe back pain, with the same points ( 65), but in the third position, is SWM rider Edgardo Borella.

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