Youthstream is proud to announce the birth of the eagerly awaited HyperMoto class of the UEM European SuperMoto Championship, the highly competitive series following the whole World Championship and promoted by Youthstream. 

Being strictly connected to the evolution of the motorcycle market, the new HyperMoto series matches the growing interest in SuperMoto which has been confirmed in the recent years by the solid selling figures of the big bore machinery. With thousands of European customers owning such machinery, the HyperMoto class of the UEM Championship will give them the chance to take on the challenge of racing on the best European tracks and under the best possible organization. After the many dedicated trophies carried out in the recent years, now the customers can take their racing experience to the next level by entering the UEM HyperMoto European Championship.

The HyperMoto series will be also a further opportunity for the manufacturers to display and publicize their products on the SuperMoto World Championship scenario characterized by a significant television coverage, a solid media following and important crowds. 

The key aspects of this class are the minimum engine capacity of 600cc both for mono and multi cylinder motorcycles (2 or 4 stroke); the race track specifications, which foresee the use of the SuperMoto tracks but exclude the off road section; the use of Dunlop tyres for a maximum of eight units per weekend; the minimum age of 16 and the same race format as the European Championship meetings.

These big bore HyperMoto’s combine the agility of a SuperMoto machine with the power and torque of the bigger motorcycles. When used in their normal street set up they are great and comfortable means of transportation; on the track these bikes can bring tons of fun to any user courtesy of their excellent combination of agility and power, but they can also be also record breaking motorcycles once given to expert Superiders.

Information on the regulations of the UEM HyperMoto European Championship can be found here and online at the website, home of the Union Européenne de Motocyclisme, the governing body of this Championship.

The 2009 season will start in Viterbo, Italy, on April 19, and will follow the FIM SuperMoto World Championship calendar.

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