Aprilia will be organizing the 4th edition of the Aprilia Supermoto Cup next year. the 2009 edition of the class dedicated to the twin cilinder Aprilia SXV. The Aprilia Supermoto Cup proved to be a big succes considering the high number of entrants in the last couple of years.The Cup has been run in several countries like Italy, the UK, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany.

The Cup features two classes for the Aprilia SXV 4,5 to SXV 5,5 the Series (standard engines) and the Open (for tuned engines) classes. If you become champion of one of these two classes you will win an Aprilia SXV.

The most important news about the 2009 edition is the addition of a 125 class in the Italian Aprilia Cup, featuring the two stroke Aprilia SX125. A new category created to allow more young people to enjoy the Supermoto sport. There will be 5 races, all one street circuits. The official calendar will be released soon.

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