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New Pitster Pro XTR250 Supermoto

Pitster Pro is a American company that offers a wide range of pitbikes from 90 to 160cc. The bikes are build in China but actually use good quality parts. Pitster Pro are well known for their good quality. Pitster Pro will have a new bike in their range soon, a 250cc Supermoto! The bike is the same as the Puzey XTR 250. That's because this bike was a joint venture between Pitster Pro and Puzey.

Here are the specs of the PitsterPro XTR 250 Supermoto:

Weight: 112kg / 248.9lbs

Frame: Chromoly full cradle

Engine: Four stroke 249.4cc LC SOHC with Keihin carburator

Gearbox: 5 speed manual

Tank size: 8.6 l

Power: 25hp

Estimated price $2500 

New Supermotodaz Quickshifter


Our partner Supermotodaz has a new quickshifter for sale especially made for Supermoto models.

The Quickshifter works by measuring the force applied to the gear lever and automatically shifts gears when the rider initiates a shift. This means perfect and instant gear changes at any throttle position without hutting off the gas or using the clutch every time, resulting in listering starts as well as easy and instant shifts during the race, giving you an edge on every gear shift. See Supermotodaz for models available, more models are being manufactured at the moment so if yours is not shown please e-mail Supermotodaz for info.

Randy de Puniet enjoying Supermoto

Randy de Puniet took part in the Bomboogie Xtreme Supermotard race at the Bologna motorshow over the weekend, thoroughly enjoying the experience onboard a Honda 450CRF despite some bad weather at the event and coming home in eighth position.

The 27-year-old also met fans and signed autographs at the show before commenting, `I enjoyed myself very much during these two days. The bad weather conditions slowed down our pace but it was good training for me. The guys here are very fast because they have competed in the Supermoto championship for a long time and I never expected to end in the top ten.´

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Bomboogie Extreme Supermotard race report


  Pichon (1), Everts (72) and Lazzarini (30) waiting for the start of the race

Today was the last day of the Bomboogie Extreme Supermotard. The 2 days of Supermoto racing at the Bologona Motorshow have finished. Benny Carlson (Ripit Aprilia) from the USA ruled the first day with a pole postion and a victory in the first race on Saturday. He finished almost 9 seconds in front of Eddy Seel (Suzuki) and Thomas Chareyre(Husqvarna).

On Sunday there where 2 races and a Qualification. Pichon(Honda) took the pole infront of Stefan Everts(KTM) and Adrien Chareyre(Husqvarna). But Everts was too strong for Pichon and beat him in the first race on Sunday with a small 2 second lead. 3rd was Adrien Chayere with Lazzarini following in 4th place.

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New Poll about for Sale section

I'm thinking about a for sale section on Supermoto Central where people can submit the Supermoto bikes or parts they have for sale. The reason for this idea is to make it easier to search for bikes/parts in other countries. Like in Europe the countries are quite close and postage costs not that expensive. But there is no place where Supermoto fans in the EU can advertise their parts/bikes to people in other countires. Except for the clumsy eBay ofcourse.

Let me know what you think about this idea! Vote in the poll on the right side of the page!

Bomboogie Xtreme Supermotard @ Motorshow Bologna



The Motorshow of Bologna is opened to the public from till 5 to 12 December.

The Motorshow is mainly about cars but they also have an outdoor area called the Motorsport Stadium.

On this weekend on the 13th and 14th December they are organizing the Bomboogie Xtreme Supermotard at the MotorSport Stadium. Whats so special about that you might think? This race exists since 1996 and is famous because there are always lots of famous Roadracing and MX stars riding in the race. You can see who won previous editions here. This year is no different, lots of big names are entering in the contest. Stefan Everts, Hiemer, Pichon, de Puniet and many more. Here are some of the riders riding the Bomboogie Xtreme Supermotard this weekend:

Stefan Everts
Mickael Pichon
Adrien Chareyre
Thomas Chareyre
Gerald Delepine
Bernd Hiemer
Ivan Lazzarini
David Gozzini
Randy de Puniet
Regis Laconi
Eddy Seel
and more

Keep an eye out at Supermoto Central for more news from this event.

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