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Special Supermoto clothing gets legalized in Europe


The special Supermoto suits are getting more and more popular. What is a Supermoto suit you might ask? It's a suit that consists of a leather armor top with integrated backprotector, jersey for over the armor and special leather pants. The suit extends into the pants for about 15cm.The advantages of these suits are that they are cheaper than leather suits, allow more movement of the rider, they are lighter than leather suits, they are easier to keep clean and easier to take on and off.

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Winstanley joins Motosupplies Husqvarna

2008 British S1 champion Matthew Winstanley will be riding the Motosupplies Racing Husqvarna this year. Winstanley has been riding for Robinsons KTM last year but because the Robinsons shop is closing down, he was without a ride for this year. But fortunately the British Motosupplies Racing team has signed him for the 2009 season. He will be defending his British S1 title and will be competing in the S1 class in the World Championship on a Husqvarna SM450RR.

L-R-G turns Suzuki Gladius into supermoto

Brought to you by the same people as the L-R-G Hayabusa (which I think is hideous), this Suzuki Gladius gets a similar winterfresh paint scheme, but a very different style of tuning. Where that Busa was the ultimate expression of the established street-tuning style, this Gladius actually manages to achieve something new, pointing the way for a possible future spin-off model direct from Suzuki. What's impressive here is how few modifications were required to turn the Gladius into a supermoto.

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UEM releases details of the new Hypermoto class

Youthstream is proud to announce the birth of the eagerly awaited HyperMoto class of the UEM European SuperMoto Championship, the highly competitive series following the whole World Championship and promoted by Youthstream. 

Being strictly connected to the evolution of the motorcycle market, the new HyperMoto series matches the growing interest in SuperMoto which has been confirmed in the recent years by the solid selling figures of the big bore machinery. With thousands of European customers owning such machinery, the HyperMoto class of the UEM Championship will give them the chance to take on the challenge of racing on the best European tracks and under the best possible organization. After the many dedicated trophies carried out in the recent years, now the customers can take their racing experience to the next level by entering the UEM HyperMoto European Championship.

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Pimp your KTM and win 1000 euro


Send your customized KTM with a photo and a short description to KTM ´s Power Parts team - and win a Parts Voucher of 1.000 EUR including the presentation of your bike to the global KTM community. The contest is up to everyone - you just have to use a KTM motorcycle.

The competition runs until end of March, 2009. The winners are informed until end of April, 2009 and invited to meet the national KTM team for a personal interview and photo shooting.

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Indoor Supermoto Zwolle Superfinal Video

Here's a video of the International Superfinal on Sunday. At first you see Latvian rider KTM rider Miks Peleckis (181) taking the lead in the beginning followed by Jan Winter (11) on his 09 CRF. Soon Marcel van Drunen(1) is coming up from the back recovering from getting stuck at a pileup after the start. Van Drunen chases Peleckis for a couple of laps and then tries to overtake. But he hits Peleckis and goes to the floor. He recovers fast and get back into the race in 5th place. Peleckis crashes 10 seconds after van Drunen and has trouble starting his KTM. Caprani(72) then takes the lead from Jan Winters. 3rd is Ruurd van Rozendaal(99) followed my Marcel van Drunen.
Van Drunen then overtakes Winters and van Rozendaal. Caprani is his next target. After a couple of laps he also overtakes Caprani. It stays exciting for a while between Caprani and van Drunen. But Caprani starts making mistakes near the end of the race and van Drunen crosses the finish line with a 3 second lead. Stampeart Nicolas takes 3rd place in front of van Rozendaal and Winter.

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