How about a small introduction of yourself to the readers of Supermoto Central?
My name is Stefan and my nickname is aqua-holic. I'm 22 years old and living in Holland.
How did you get into supermoto and what do you find so great about it?
About 3.5 years ago i was reading a Dutch motormagazine, there i saw my dream bike: the Aprilia SXV 550
I was totally in love, I went to the dealer and bought a 07 SXV i drove that bike for a half year and then trade it for a 08 SXV
the most beatiful thing about supermoto is that he's faster than any other bike in tight corners!


When and how did the idea for this project originated? What was your inspiration?
The idea started when I bought the 08 SXV, I ordered some carbon parts, alpina wheels and other stuff. From that point I couldn't stop, in the winter I stripped down the bike and then the real project started....
I always liked the bike from darryl atkins, so I wanted a replica of that bike.
What’s was the base for your project?

 Ii started wih a stock Aprilia SXV 2008 550cc

Can you tell us in short how the build went? Did you have any big problems or did it all went smooth?
Eeverything went pretty smooth, the biggest problems were delivery time and some of the parts didn't fit.
So I had to adjust a lot of things to let it fit on the bike.
What do you use your bike for? Do you ride it on the street or just take it to the track once in a while?
I use my bike for road and street, this year I want to ride more on track.


Is this your first supermoto project or did you also build other supermoto bikes?
This is my second supermoto, but my first project.
Do you have any plans for another supermoto project in the future?
First I want to ride a lot on my bike, I didn't had that much time as I want to ride it!
but maybe in the future .....


Have you got any tips or advice for people that want to start a project like this?

Yes, try to be original and order all your stuff on time!
and mayby the biggest tip: be sure you have enough money to finish your project!

Mods list
carbon rockercovers

carbon clutchcover

carbon swingarm protector

carbon chain guide

carbon chain protector

carbon tankcover

carbon underseat left

carbon underseat right

carbon 3 piece rear fender

carbon fork protectors

carbon radiator fenders

kevlar mudflap

aprilia racing side and frontplate

red adonised filterplug

red adonised oilfiller plugs

red adonised rear brake plug

red tank breathing

red SAMCO hoses

VDB seat

ufo handguards

Silmoto exhaust

short red front fender

enduro rear light

Alpina tubelless red/black

Rip It aprilia decal set

frame painted black with blach frame covers
modified air filter casing

and I did make a lot of custom changes to the bike.....

TO DO list:
red triple clamps
black handlebars
VDB spec frame
STM slipper clutch

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