How about a small introduction of yourself to the readers of Supermoto Central?

My name is Frank, I'm from germany and work in a Suzuki motorcycle shop.

How did you get into supermoto and what do you find so great about it?

I got in contact with the supermoto-virus in 1995, when our mx-club was involved in a local race here in town...the slides, the show, the scratching footpegs, and the style of these bikes where burned in my brain.

The next year I started in my first race.



When and how did the idea for this project originated? What was your


After my change from KTM back to the Suzukishop, it was clear for me, that I wanted to ride on "yellow" again.

The main idea behind this project, was to create a bike on witch we could present the productrange of In corporation with my boss, we connected several distributors and I began to draw a pic in my head...the result, speaks for its own...

What’s was the base for your project?

Base for the DIRTFREAK-RMZ was a 2008 RMZ450 with the 09 engine.



Can you tell us in short how the build went? Did you have any big

problems or did it all went smooth?

The build took about three months, from early november to end of that cristmas was a big problem.

The building itselve, went really smooth.


What do you use your bike for? Do you ride it on the street or just

take it to the track once in a while?

It is not streetlegal, so it will be used for track days only...



Is this your first supermoto project or did you also build other

supermoto bikes?

As we talk about trackbikes it was project all started with a DR350...(with 385ccm it was good for many surprised faces) then came a 1995 Husaberg FC600...followed by a DRZ400 (with 440ccm)...and now the RMZ

Do you have any plans for another supermoto project in the future?

Not least after these winter I want to take my new baby out for some wilde rides ;-)



Have you got any tips or advice for people that want to start a

project like this?

Start in sucks!

And sometimes less is more !




-Suzuki RMZ450 2008
-nearly Stock   57hp 52Nm
- modified airbox
- K&N airfilter
- ProCircuit T4 titan exhaust 94dB
- Stock Suspensionparts modified by S-TECH Racing
- Merge-Racing pre-load-adjuster
- The complete productrange witch fits to the bike
- powdercoated frame, swingarm and several smaler parts
- black anodized tank
- decor is a prototype untill now... ;-)


- Tubeless DID Dirtstar wheels in 3,5x17" and 5,0x17" with "racing" hubs

- 320mm BERINGER disc with 4-piston-caliper


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