What was the base for your racebikes?

The base of this supermoto is an YZF-450F from 2008.

Why did you choose this bike for a base for your racebike?

Firstly because this bike is really reliable which saves me a lot of work. I change the piston after the first half of the season and I have don’t have to do anything else maintenance wise. I only change the oil after every race.
In 4 years I only had 1 DNF because of faulty ignition. I’m also supported by Yamaha Holland.

Did you build the bike yourself or did someone else do it for you?

I have converted the bike myself.

What kind of special parts are there on the bike?

Carbon wheels
Carbon tank
Carbon subframe
Renthal bars+grips
Barkbusters Ego handguards
Beringer brake system
Suspension modified by myself (MVD Suspension)
MVD tuned head & CDI
Hotcam cam
HGS exhaust
HMX seatcover
Maxxis Goldspeed tyres
Goldspeed link system
Suter clutch
Twin Air filter

Do you have any tips for the readers about the most important mods for a

The rear wheel needs to be atleast 5 wide, mount bigger disk upfront, a catch can for the petrol and a set of handguards. With these changes you can already convert your bike to a Supermoto for about 1500 euro and for this little money you can have a lot of fun.

Thanks to Marcel van Drunen for this interview about his bikes and thanks to Niek from Supermotard.nl for the photos.

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