Lithium Iron Phosphate(LiFePO4) batteries are fairly new in the motorcycle world. They are really popular in motorcycle racing because of the low weight. Curious as we are we wanted to try one of these lightweight and powerful batteries for ourselves.

The Supermoto Central Aprilia SXV550 has a beast of an engine that needs a lot of power to start.The ideal bike to test this new battery on.

The original Yuasa YTZ10S was having trouble getting the bike started so it was time for a replacement.

Aliant from Italy was kind enough to provide us with an Aliant YLP07 LiFePO4 battery. Aliant even provides their batteries to the Gresini MotoGP team. This battery costs just as much as the original Yuasa. Which is €120($140) After unpacking the box I was surprised how light and small the battery was. Is this small battery going to start my SXV550 monster?

Comparing it to the original battery the size and weight difference was huge. The Aliant battery is a whopping 2750 grams(6lbs) lighter and almost twice as small.

Because of its small size Aliant provides several foam blocks in the package to make sure that the battery fits in the original battery compartment or housing.

They worked like a charm and the battery was fitted in a couple of minutes.

So how did the battery perform?

Really great to be honest. The battery feels very powerful and even after several starting procedures it doesn't get depleted like a normal battery.

It also doesn't lose its energy when you don't use it for a long time. So you don't need to put it on a battery tender during the winter months.

But if you do need to charge it you can fully charge it in 30 minutes.

I have also been swapping the battery to the Supermoto Central Husqvarna SMR450 trackbike because of the lower weight and reliabilty.

I would love to have one of these batteries in every bike I own. For the same price as a normal battery you can save a lot of weight, get more starting power and have less maintenance. The Aliant LiFePO4 batteries are really a great upgrade for every Supermoto or any other motorcycle.

Be sure to check if your charger is suitable for charging these LiFePO4 batteries. Aliant has a list of compatible chargers here

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