Together with Schuurman B.V. Worldwide Distributor of Goldspeed tyres and other Goldspeed products Supermoto Central presents their first tyre test. We tested the street legal Goldspeed Street Sport Ultra tyres on the road and track with the new Supermoto Central Husqvarna SM450R. How did these good looking tyres perform? Read on to find out.

These new street legal Goldspeed tyres replace the old street legal intermediate with the block pattern.The new Ultra Street Sports have a new tyre pattern which is E4 approved. The rubber compound is derived from the compound used on the Championship winning Goldspeed race tyres. Who isn't familair with the Goldspeed brand, the brand's race tyres are very populair in several European Championships and many Championships have been won with Goldspeed tyres.

First we tested the tyres on the streets. The tyres have a very confident and grippy feel and don’t take a long time to warm up. Hot or cold days don't matter the tyre always maintained it's high level of grip. We also tested the tyres in rainy conditions and they felt a lot more confident in the rain than the Pirelli Diablo's that where on the bike before. The great rain performance is thanks to the intermediate tyre pattern that is used. We think these tyres will also perform great in mild offroad conditions but we haven't had the chance to test that yet.



Now it was time to try the tyres on the track. The Street Sport Ultra’s really showed their true colors here. With a great feel and tons of grip in the corners it felt like I was riding around on race spec tyres. Wich kinda makes sense since the rubber compound isn't far off from the Goldspeed Race tyres. Thanks to the tyres the bike had super quick steering and changed of direction with more ease than ever before. Surprising was that the tyres still looked good as new after 4 hours of hard riding on a warm summer day. Still good for many miles on the road or track.

We highly recommend the Goldspeed Street Sport Ultra's, not only do these tyres look very good they perform very well on the street (wet and dry) and on the track. The amount of grip is amazing and they don’t wear as fast as you expect with the grippy race spec rubber compound. The Street Sport Ultra’s are definitely worth checking out if you are a Supermoto enthousiast who rides on the street and does an occasional track day. And for great the price of aproximately 200 euro a set they are also cheaper than a set from the other big brands. 

Big thanks to Schuurman B.V. for providing the tyres for this test.

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