Scorpion Sports Europe was kind enough to provide us with their top of the line VX-20 Air helmet for us to review.

This helmet is their top of the line helmet and worn by many top Supermoto riders like Adrien Chareyre, Sylvain Bidart and many more.


The list of features on this helmet is pretty long.

  • Fully-adjustable, aero-tuned visor: Reduces lift at high speeds.
  • Ventilation System: Large intake manifolds and aero-tuned rear vents maximize airflow through the helmet.
  • Large Eyeport: Fits all goggles and provides maximum visibility.
  • Strap Grip: Keeps goggle strap in place.
  • Padded Chin Strap with KwikWick™ material: Comfortable and secure.
  • Custom liner and cheek pad kits: Available in wild patterns.
  • Closing chinstrap by double D titanium ring.
  • Additional free KwikWick 2™ liner in the box!
  • 1150g in M size

Scorpion uses a new extremely light Thermodynamical Composite Technology: the new TCTstructure is designed to gradually crumple on impact, which allows it to absorb most of the energy generated by the shock, while retaining a strong structure.


One feature really stands out and that is the two Airfit inflation pumps: one placed under the chin bar and acting on the cheek pads for a customised fit ,and the second located at the back of the helmet, this time inflating or deflating the front section.

The "Air" name isn't added for nothing. This helmet has several intakes on the front and rear vents that maximize the airflow through the helmet.

So the features are pretty impressive. But how is the helmet in real life?


While unpacking the box I was surprised to see several extra's coming with the helmet. A soft helmet bag, a complete extra inner lining and 3 spare screws for the helmet visor was found inside the box. We received the helmet with the Fluo yellow Quartz design, which really is a cool and bold design. Safe on the street and easy to spot on the racetrack.

The helmet feels really light and fitment is really comfortable. I didn't have to use the inflation system on the inner lining because the helmet already had a perfect fit. The double D strap is also nicely padded and feels totally comfortable.

While riding the airflow through the helmet is really good and kept my head at a comfortable temperature. The airflow is so good that for really cold weather the airflow this helmet provides might be a bit too much. It's also a bit noisy when riding on the street at high speed.

The eyeport is pretty big so you comfortably use any brand and size goggle you want.

Overall the helmet feels really comfortable and light. All the materials used in this helmet are really top quality. We can really recommend it. At a price of around €350-€399 / $269  it is also much cheaper than the top of the line helmets from other brands. And those don't have the extra spare lining out of the box.

In the USA this helmet is offered as the Scorpion Exo VX-R70 for around $269.

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