The Sidi Crossfire SRS boots always had a reputation of being one of the best MX/Supermoto boots on the market. Earlier this year Sidi released a new model called the Crossfire 2. The SRS version has a replaceable sole which is perfect for Supermoto riders who slide their soles over the asphalt.

Dutch Sidi importer Jopa was kind enough to let us test the new Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS.


The list of features is pretty impressive. 

• Lined with air Teflon mesh and Cambrelle
• Upper in leather and Microfiber material
• Replaceable shin plate
• Micro and replaceable Adjustable buckles
• Dual Flex System
• Adjustable Calf System
• New adjustable system of the area between the protective calf-exaust and the front of the boot to allow a rider with a wider calf to be very comfortable.
• Replaceable Metatarsus Inserts
• Thermoplastic defender on the toe area
• Anatomically shaped heel
• Assembled and replaceable boot leg, it is stitch-free
• Nylon Inner sole with removable arch support
• Rubber sole

We have tested the Crossfire 2 boots extensively for a year doing Supermoto street riding, track days and some offroad.

When we opened the box we where not dissappointed. This boot has a beautiful design. It has has a very narrow profile and is less bulky than the regular MX boots on the market. Esspecially the toe section is more compact than the usual MX boots.

We chose the white and black colorway for our test. The boots are available in several different colors including a never seen before grey and fluo yellow colorway.

Pretty much every part of the boot is replacable. Replacable also means customizable since the replacement parts are available in several colors including the popular fluo yellow and orange colors.     



The SRS system (Sole Replacement System) makes it possible to mount different types of soles to the boot. When you want to ride offroad with the same boots just replace the red Supermoto soles with the normal offroad soles. When you have worn down your Supermoto soles you can easily replace them with new ones which are about €30 - $40 - £25.

Ride comfort

So the design is beautiful and the boot has some great features. But the big question is: how does this boot ride?

Really great is all I can say. The boot feels really flexible thanks to the ankle joint design. My old 661 Flight MX boots feel way more unflexible and clunky. Thanks to the slim toe section the feel on the shift and brake leaver is great. It almost feels like a big roadrace boot.

The comfort level of the Crossfire 2 is also very high, it's well ventilated, waterproof and has a comfortable inner lining.

A big bonus is you no longer have to worry about wearing down your soles on the asphalt. Sliding the soles on the asphalt is no problem anymore. This greatly improves the feel with the track in the corners.

It takes a bit more time to put on the boots because the boot has several flaps and velcro straps that need to be in the right place before you can close the buckles. Getting all the parts properly aligned can be a bit finicky.

The SRS Supermoto soles where not the easiest to install. Out of the box the boot had the stock MX sole mounted.

From the factory the holes in the soles are not really well prepared and I had to repuncture every mounting hole in the sole with a knife. Also make sure you use a screwdriver with a big flat head because the screws take some force to engage and will get damaged when using a small screwdriver. All in all mounting the Supermoto soles was not exactly a walk in the park.


To sum things up. This is a great boot. It’s a beautiful, well designed and it rides great. It isn't the cheapest boot on the market but in our opinion it is worth every penny.


+ Beautiful design

+ Very good quality of parts

+ Replacable and customizable parts

+ Replacable Supermoto soles

+ Great feel & Comfort


- Takes a bit of time to put on

- Sole replacement not the easiest

- SRS sole badly prepared for installation


Boots(excluding Supermoto soles): €475 - $575.00 - £400

SRS Supermoto soles: €30 - $40 - £25

Sidi Crossfire 2 Leaflet


Track testing at Lelystad Circuit, the Netherlands


Street testing in the Vosges Mountains, France


Break during Autumn ride

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