The 100% brand made fame as a motocross decal company in the 1970's and 80's with big names like Bob Hannah, Ricky Johnson, Johnny O'Mara, David Bailey and Jeff Ward.

Since 2012 the brand is back with a beautiful line of goggles and eyewear. Now big names like Marvin Musquin, Gautier Paulin and Brett Metcalfe are riding with 100% Goggles.

In the Supermoto scene Fred Guerin and Alexis Marie-Luce are representing the brand.

100% importer Hoco Parts B.V. from the Netherlands was kind enough to offer Supermoto Central the new 100% Racecraft goggles to test and review. 

When I first opened the box I was surprised of the amount of accessoires that came with the Goggles. The package included:

-Goggle with mirrored lens

-Clear lens

-Removable Noseguard

-20 Tearoffs

-Goggle bag

This 100% Racecraft has the Gunmetal color which is a beautiful combination of matte grey, white carbonfiber print and lightblue.

The Racecraft is also available in 16 other colors. The mirrored lens is available in blue, red/orange, gold, green and silver.

For a full overview of all the colors available check out the 100% Racecraft product page.

The 100% Racecraft is beautifully designed and I haven't seen this attention to detail on any other brand of goggles. This is thanks to the CO-molding process which makes fine details like the 3D 100% logo's seen above possible.

The list of technical features on this top of the line goggle is pretty long:

- Outrigger system

- Removable Nose Guard

- Triple layer moisture managing foam

- Anti-fog coated Lexan lens

- 45mm wide, Silicon coated strap

- Co-Molding

- Moisture managing air channels

That sounds nice and fancy but how do all these features come together in real life? Very good I must say. After extensive testing on the street, track and even offroad the conclusion is pretty clear. This is one great goggle. The racecraft is very comfortable and has a nice field of view. It also has a great airflow. I had no issues with sweat or fogging up. The foam is also nice and soft. The goggle fits well inside the helmet and the wide sticky strap keeps it perfectly in place.


We highly recommend the 100% Racecraft, it's a beautifully designed goggle with very good features. The complete package has some nice extra accessoires included for the very good price of €70 / $70

Check out the Hoco Parts B.V. website to find a dealer in the Benelux area and like them at the Hoco Parts B.V. Facebook page

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