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The PERFECT Motorcycle Roadtrip! [Italy Dolomites]

Last summer VDB, DK and Crashking went on an epic adventure, the roadtrip in the Dolomites, Italy. They went to see the perfect roads, hit the track and did awesome stuff like offroad karting and canyoning!

Insane Supermoto riding with Kikaninac & Cafeine Crew

Last year the Supermofools met up with Kikaninac & Cafeine Crew in the Voguettes, France. And they did some INSANE supermoto riding in the mountains. Sliding around the corners and having fun with the supermoto boys!

SMGP of Spain full 26 minute race video

In hot and sunny conditions the first Grand Prix of the FIM SuperMoto World Championship started in Albaida, Spain. Spectators were already early present alongside the beautiful race track to enjoy the races. With three races for the S1GP riders the Sunday was packed with action and very good races. Defending World champion TM Factory rider Thomas Chareyre took the first overall victory in the new season of the S1GP. In the S4 class it was Anthony Ford-Dunn who took the overall victory.

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