Stefan Everts challenged rally driver Sebastien Loeb to a time trial ride up the muur van geraardsbergen, a road that's famous among cyclists.

Everts did the run on a Ktm Supermoto while Loeb was in his Citroën rally car (punching out around 400 hp). the roads consisted of tarmac and stone roads. The stone roads get very slippery when they're wet and this was the case so you'd think the car was a sure shot at victory. Everts managed to do better on the ktm, he beat loeb by 1 10th of a second. the track was rather short since runs were completed in under 50 seconds but weather conditions and the tight turns made things interesting. Everts actually managed to scrape pegs on the slippery wet stone roads using a curb to keep em on track. (text by Skully25)

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