The sliders are made from 12mm thick acetyl which has been machined for a perfect fit. Its secured in place with a stainless steel plate and m6 dome headed bolt and nyloc nut which will be provided. SupermotoDaz tried the KTM hardparts and UFO sliders and they are pretty confident these are more durable and will outlast both! They fit all KTMs with the the following part numbers for footpegs 59003040350 (left) & 59003041250 which is most KTMs from 125CC upwards from 2004 onwards but please check your manual or the online microfiche 1st. So far I know they’ll fit the following: EXC, SX, SMR,SXF, SXS 660, 640, 625, 950SM, 950 SMR, 690 SMC.
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