The French MX2 rider Romain Febvre(Husqvarna) has won the 28th edition of Mettet Superbiker ahead of compatriot Thomas Chareyre(TM Racing) and Italian Christian Ravaglia(Redmoto Honda). Hermunen, former world champion and three-time Superbiker Mettet winner, had to settle for 4th place.

Devon Vermeulen(TM Racing) finished fifth in front of MX1 vice-champion Jeremy Van Horebeek(Yamaha).

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Romain Febvre of Wilvo Nestaan Husqvarna Factory Racing has won the superbiker in Mettet. In this supermoto race he was riding against the best supermotoriders in the world. Romain gave them a run for their money and managed to win the superfinal in front of the reigning World Champion Supermoto, Thomas Chareyre.

Before Romain started in the motorcross world championship he was riding supermoto very often. Despite the fact that he has experience in riding supermoto he didn’t knew what to expect. In 2012 he had won the superbiker in Mettet but he didn’t knew if it was possible to do the same thing this year again.

On Saturday he showed a great speed around the track which was good enough to finish on the podium. With a lot of self-confidence he started on Sunday. In the semi-final he had to ride against Mauno Hermunen, who became World Champion Supermoto in 2013 and who had won the superbiker in Mettet last year. Romain didn’t took a good start but worked his way back up from sixth position to third position. In the middle of the race he started to close down the gap to the leaders, Pavel Kejmar and Mauno Hermunen. He managed to pass both riders and in the second part of the race he took over the lead. Hermunen wasn’t done yet and was putting a lot of pressure on Romain. During the race he passed him back but soon after it was Romain who found a place to make a pass stick and passed him back again. It was a close battle but finally it was Romain who won the race and was on pole position for the superfinal.

In the superfinal he took a good start and was leading the field at the end of the first lap. Thomas Chareyre was riding straight behind him and kept him under pressure for almost the entire race. When Romain made a small mistake he got passed by Chareyre and dropped back to second position for a moment. Soon after he took the lead back and with fast lap times he made a small gap over himself and Chareyre. Romain was really focussed and made no mistakes in the rest of the race. After 29 laps he crossed the finish line in first position and won the superbiker for the second time in his career.

Results Superbiker Mettet

1. Febvre Romain Wilvo Nestaan Husqvarna Factory Racing
2. Chareyre Thomas
3. Ravaglia Christian
4. Hermunen Mauno
5. Vermeulen Devon
6. Van Horebeek Jeremy
7. Occhini Andrea
8. Bougard Waren
9. Melotte Cedric
10. Baffeleuf David

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